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Essential Safety Card Infographic for Designers

We have this awesome Safety Card Infographic for Designers and Photo and Vector Stock users. This captivating illustration has been provided exclusively for Vectorguru readers and fans, by our partner site StockPhotoSecrets. Why would you need this safety card infographic? To error is human. Though you would agree that this has rightly been said, it is […]

10 Inspiration Websites For Graphic Designers And Illustrators

Graphic Design and Illustration is a challenging field and requires the Artist to be creative and think out of the box at all times. Every project demands a new and unique solution that has to be different to stand out in the competition. Since Graphic Design and Illustration Artists need to have the right kind […]

5 Advantages Of Vectors For Tshirt Design

If you’re new to T-shirt design, you may be wondering why Vector formats such as those available on Vectorfresh, are preferred over Raster or Bitmap ones in the T-shirt design industry. This is exactly what we shall discuss today. We shall look more closely at the advantages of Vectors for T-shirt design. If you’re completely […]

What Gear for Shooting Stock Photos – INFOGRAPHIC

If you have an interest in photography, which most designers do, we have this wonderful stock photo infographic from StockPhotoSecrets, our partner site. StockPhotoSecrets gives you insight into the Stock Photo industry and throws light on some superb techniques for professional photography. This awesome infographic, though not Vector is a great example of how one could […]

4 Vector Format Files And How To Open Them

Today we are going to discuss the most popular, 4 Vector Format Files and learn where and how to open them. We shall talk about the right applications to open and edit these 4 Vector format files so that you can make the most of these Vectors in your designs. Vector formats are widely used […]

Why Should I Use Vector Artwork In My Designs?

Designers who are new to Graphic Design have several doubts about Image formats, their pros and cons and hence are not sure why they should use Vector Artwork in their designs. There are in fact several reasons why you should use Vector Artwork in your designs. Let’s read further to understand the advantages of Vector […]

Difference Between Vector And Bitmap Images

As a Designer, it’s important to know the difference between Vector and Bitmap images. But before we move into that part of our discussion, let us first consider the different kinds of graphics used in advertising and marketing media. Graphics is used to communicate an idea or a concept. Sometimes the idea can be simple […]

What is an Illustration?

You may be wondering what is an Illustration , or what exactly does an illustrator do. Let us gain further knowledge on this term. We shall also delve in to understanding the scope of this magnificent field. What is an Illustration – Definition An illustration is a visual representation of an idea, concept, real or […]

What is Vector Art?

If you’re associated with the internet or graphics, you might have come across the term Vector Art before. So what is Vector Art? Vector art is drawing, painting or illustration created using a Vector application. It is not a form of Art or an Art movement like pop art or modern art. It merely involves […]