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Are you a newbie at Vector Art and Illustrations and have been desperately looking for Vector Art Tutorials to improve your skills? And have you been looking for some great Vector Tutorial Resources which could make you a pro? Not all these resources are for beginners only. Even the experienced hand could use some tips and tricks that could help build speed and efficiency. You can also check these great resources out for stay abreast with the trends in the field.

Go on! Help yourself to some awesome resources to learn great Vector Art and Illustrations. The Vector Art Tutorials offered on these sites are going to absolutely blow your mind! Guaranteed!

Check these 5 Vector Art Tutorials

1.  vector.tutsplus.com

5 Vector Art Tutorials Resource


This is a great site with remarkable tutorials for beginners and professionals, alike. The Video Tutorials section offers complete instructional videos on creating specific graphics or artwork. You will find this section helpful if you do not like to read much and are more interested to learn this way.

Moreover there are wonderful articles for inspiration and interviews with leading professionals in the Vector industry. If you love their site you may also consider becoming a member, to gain complete access to some premium advanced tutorials.

2. good-tutorials.com

5 Vector Art Tutorials Resource


Good-tutorials has been lending a helping hand to learners since 2002 and has a massive resource for Vector Tutorials. The tutorials here are categorized sensibly, making it easy to find, just the tuts you’re looking for. Tutorials can also be sorted by the date their submitted on, highest rated ones, most clicked ones and ones which are most saved by the users. This is a great way to find the most popular tutorials.

The ‘3D Techniques’ category is noteworthy, with tutorials teaching to create Realistic Vector Bottles to even Realistic Rockets.  If you’re a beginner the ’Basics’ section here might really give you the knowledge and confidence to take on more advanced tutorials.

3. pixel2life.com

5 Vector Art Tutorials Resource


Another popular site with valuable Vector tutorials, that boasts of more than 1500 tutorials in Adobe Illustrator alone. There are also a significant number of tutorials in CorelDraw and Inkscape as well.

Here you will find tutorials contributed by graphic designers and illustrators with some tutorials teaching you right form creating raw comps, to giving the finishing touches to the Vector artwork. Also register to receive newsletters to keep you posted on the latest tutorials.

4. vectordiary.com

5 Vector Art Tutorials Resource


If you’re completely new to graphic design applications and would like to learn illustrator right from the basics, then you need to look no more. This site offers a crash course in Illustrator which covers all the essentials, after which you could be confident to create your own designs, logo’s and icons. That’s not all! You can also join the Premium membership to get access to advance tutorials and Illustrator techniques.

Besides these, you will also find promo and coupon codes, which can help you get huge discounts on stock images, training materials and other useful design resources.

5. tutorial9.net

5 Vector Art Tutorials Resource


Another website that offers incredible tutorials on Vector Art in Adobe Illustrator. The tutorials are submitted by users as well as designers at Turorial9. They also create timely roundups of the best tutorials  the industry, which link to other useful tutorials around the web.

Further they offer great downloads frequently. Also treat yourself to some great design articles that offer stunning insights in the field of design.

Vector Art Tutorials Conclusion

Practice makes perfect. You will be amazed at the improvement you’ve made by going through these Vector Art Tutorials.

Since this was meant to be a short post, I haven’t been able to cover a lot of the other important sites. I wish I could! I appreciate the great work that a lot of designers are doing by giving their valuable time and sharing their knowledge through these tutorials. It would be great if you could give something in return to these Vector Art tutorial websites, by creating a tut or two when you find the time. Until then, learn on!

Images © Edyta Pawlowska – Fotolia.com

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