10 Inspiration Websites For Graphic Designers And Illustrators

Graphic Design and Illustration is a challenging field and requires the Artist to be creative and think out of the box at all times. Every project demands a new and unique solution that has to be different to stand out in the competition. Since Graphic Design and Illustration Artists need to have the right kind of exposure where they can seek new ideas and explore new possibilities in their fields.

Inspiration websites are ideal as they can explore new ideas and contribute their work to get recognition as well.

Why visit Inspiration websites?

  1. Checkout the current trend and implement the style in your design.
  2. You can pick up some great ideas from others designs and use them in your projects.
  3. The Interviews posted on Inspiration websites help you learn more about a graphic designers thought and creation process and give you insights on techniques that the artists use.
  4. You explore various graphic and illustration styles or see some aspects of graphic design in a completely new perspective.
  5. You can contribute to these inspiration websites as well if you have work worth showing. The recognition and exposure you get through these inspiration websites is tremendous and can help you further your career.

This awesome list of 10 Inspiration websites for Graphic Designers and Illustrators covers websites that may help you in different areas of Graphic design. This exclusive list has unique websites which have diverse content that focus on different aspects of Design such as book jacket design, poster design, typography and logo design as well.

10 Inspiration websites for Graphic Designers and Illustrators.

Remember to Bookmark and subscribe to these Graphic design inspiration websites and visit them often.

1. The Inpiration Grid

The Inspiration Grid

The Inspiration Grid is a brilliant website that houses a huge collection of work contributed by artists from around the world. It showcases works in all fields of design such as Advertising, Architecture, Art and Design fields such as Logo design, Interiors, Print, Product, User Interface and Vehicle design too. Inspiration Grid is updated daily, so this is one awesome site you could visit everyday to get your fix of visual treat.

2. Designspiration


Designspiration is another website dedicated to collection of designs for inspiration. The site was launched in 2010 and already has a massive and growing compilation of designs from various fields. Designspiration also has a powerful search functionality added to help you narrow your search. There’s a color search that can help you to search  for graphics and design inspirations in specific colors.

3. Abduzeedo


This is another popular website where graphic designers and illustrators flock explore new ideas in Graphic Design and Illustration. Abduzeedo also has collections in other creative categories such as Architecture and Photography. It also boasts of separate categories for Logo’s and Typography. Besides the awesome Collection at Abduzeedo, the Interviews of famous artists is what lures most designers. Checkout the exclusive Interviews that delves into the minds and lives of these artists.

4. I Love Typography

I Love Typography

If you’re on the lookout for some typography inspiration, this is the website you should head to. I Love Typography was started in 2007 by John Boardley for his love for typography. This site is a great place if you share the same passion as him for any and everything related to type. This website also gives us many ideas about how typography alone can be used as a powerful element in designs. If you haven’t taken typography seriously in your designs yet, I Love Typography will surely change your perspective.

5. The Dieline

The Dieline

The Dieline is a website dedicated to package design. So if you’re working as a graphic designer in the package industry, or just share the love and passion for this field, this is one website you should head to. You will be amazed to see how a simple product can appear extraordinary if packaged brilliantly. Though this website is purely for package design, you may grab some fresh visual ideas to use in other design projects.

6. Power to the Poster

Power to the Poster

Power to the Poster is Poster design inspiration website which each and every graphic designer and illustrator should certainly check out. The poster designs on this website are more than just regular posters. These posters are an artistic depiction of issues we face in today’s world. These are free to download and print as well. Art was always known to facilitate change for the better, and this is exactly what this website stands for.

7. The Book Archive


A book can’t be judged by its cover. Ideally this is the truth, but we can’t disagree that most buyers are seduced by the book cover and that it does affect their buying decision. The Book Cover Archive is a website dedicated to appreciation of book cover design. Though this site is still young and is constantly being improved, it has an ever growing collection of eclectic book cover designs, worth checking out. And if you’re a book jacket designer, you should bookmark this right away.

8. Juxtapoz


Juxtapoz is a massive inspiration website showcasing a wide variety of art in several visual fields. Besides Graphic design and Illustrations this website covers categories in Photography, Fashion, Sculpture, Animation and even Toys. Though the site is not completely devoted to graphic design, you can draw a heap or ideas from other artistic fields too.

9. Trendland


Trendland is another website that is dedicated to designs in various fields. The graphic design section has huge collection of designs contributed by artists from across the globe. By clicking on the artwork you are directed to a page where you can learn more about the artist and the process or the idea behind the artwork. By reading about the artists and their working styles we get more involved, inspired and motivated to and contribute more to our work, don’t you think.

10. Character Design

Character Design

Character Design houses Galleries and Interviews from Top Character Illustrators. If you are a character Illustrator, this site will leave you breathless. This is place where you get to know more about your heroes you’ve adored and were inspired by. These exclusive interviews give you an insight into the artists life, work, their philosophies and creation processes. Besides these interviews, you will also be amazed to see the different character illustration styles that could be used in your future projects.

This brings us to the end of this awesome list of Top 10 Inspiration websites for Graphic Artists and Illustrators.

I hope you loved these Inspiration websites and use it for your future projects. Visit these temples of design, get truly inspired and unleash the best that you’ve been holding inside.

Also remember to share your favorite Inspiration websites that you feel should’ve made it to this list.

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