5 Advantages Of Vectors For Tshirt Design


If you’re new to Tshirt design, you may be wondering why Vector formats are preferred over Raster or Bitmap ones in the Tshirt design industry. This is exactly what we shall discuss today. We shall look more closely at the advantages of Vectors for Tshirt design.

If you’re completely new to graphic design, you may want to know more about Vectors and Rasters. So let’s deal with this doubt first and get it out of the way, before we discuss some very important aspects of Vectors for Tshirt Design.

What are Vectors

So what are these Vectors or Vector graphics anyways? Well, there are mainly two kinds of images – Vectors and Rasters (also called as Bitmaps).

Vectors are created by using Vectors softwares such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW or Inkscape. In this format the shapes are created by using a series of dots called anchor points or nodes. So Vector graphics are a created with dots, lines, curves and polygons with color fills. Anchor points or nodes may be added, removed and moved to modify the shape of the graphics.

Raster shapes are made up of pixels which are small blocks of color that complete a picture when mapped together. Hence the name Bitmap, where bit refers to the color and location data and the map refers to the process of putting them together on a 2d plane. Photographs and scanned images fall under this category.

Now that you know the difference between Vectors and Bitmaps, we can explore further why Vectors for Tshirt Design.

List of Advantages of Vectors for Tshirt Design

Read on to discover what makes Vectors the preferred format for Tshirt Design

1. Quality of graphic

Vectors have immaculate quality at any resolution. You may design a Vector graphic to fit on a pen cover and resize it to fit on a tshirt or even a truck. And all this without a trace of degradation in quality. Rasters which are resolution dependant may fail drastically and appear unclear if scaled up or down to this extent. Vectors graphics have sharper and clear edges as compared to Raster images and are thus most favorable for Tshirt Design.

2. Creativity in Tshirt Designs

Tshirt Design goes beyond aesthetic appeal. Over the years Tshirts Designs have been used as a canvas for expressing ideas, conveying strong messages or humorous ones. Bold slogans, unreal illustrations and funky graphics are more than just a style statement and often reflect the image and attitudes of the people wearing them.

Look around and you are sure to find some really witty Tshirt Designs and some wicked ones too.

Find some awesome tshirt designs below from top stock Vector websites. You would agree that these cool designs wouldn’t be possible without Vectors.

Beautiful print on shirt. Vector Background Cartoon Shark head. Cute world printed on white shirt Granny astranaut watering vegetables in the open space. Grunge Pirate Design Hand print tee Tee, vector illustration T-Shirt Print Comic Baseball T-Shirt Print Skull wings and fist


3. Text rendering capabilities

Bitmap text, even if anti-aliased either appears jagged at the edges or loses its sharpness. Vector outperforms Raster formats in text rendering resulting in sharp and crisp text shapes. Typography is a strong design element in Tshirt Designs and sets the right tone to the message that needs to be communicated. Tshirt Designs with great graphics, mashed up with some mind bending punchlines, in unconventional fonts is a style that would never go out of fashion.

With Vector graphics, you can be sure the type remains as impactful as you intended it to be with perfect quality. Here are some awesome examples of great typography in Vectors for Tshirt Design below.

original modern hand lettering composition BLACK Summer of Love Japanese Kanji character KEY Typography vector illustration Typography vector illustration_02 Work hard stay humble typography vector illustration. Typography vector illustration_04 Typography vector illustration_03

4. Ease of Printing

The Tshirt Printing process plays an important role in the determining the right image format for Tshirt Designs. Various printing processes like screen printing, heat transfer printing and Direct to Garment printing are popular Tshirt printing processes. All these Tshirt Printing processes give better results with Vector graphics. Color separation which is an integral part of Fabric Printing is much easier with Vector formats than with Bitmaps.

More often than not, Bitmap images are traced in a Vector application so that better quality prints may be produced.

We shall cover these Tshirt Design Techniques later in another post.

5. Flexibility of Vector creation and editing

Creating Vectors for Tshirt Design involves great amount of creative ability and skill. Illustrators and Graphic Designers use Vector applications such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw to produce Vector Artwork for Tshirt Design.

Though the process of creating Vectors for Tshirt Design may be time consuming, it is worthwhile as a Vector artist can create designs straight out of his imagination.

Editing a Vector too is fairly easy as compared to Bitmaps.

At Vector guru we shall look into the process of creating a Vector Tshirt Design in a separate tutorial as this topic is far-reaching and requires a dedicated article altogether.

I hope you learned the advantages of Vector in Tshirt Design and have enjoyed the visual treat of Tshirt Designs posted above. You may go on and download these Vectors from these reliable websites. We shall be back with more on Vector Tshirt Designs, so keep yourself posted.

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