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Finding Adobe Stock Images in Illustrator CC is Now Easier than Ever!

Adobe has just made it easier to find, license and work with Adobe Stock’s content in Adobe Illustrator CC (for Creative Cloud). From now on, all Illustrator CC users will be able to search Adobe Stock’s collection and license images right within the app, using the Help search field on the top right of the […]

Specctr Review – Illustrator Annotation Plugin

As a Designer, you are mainly responsible for the success of a project. You have to make sure the final product turns out just the way you had thought it to be. Just like in the movies, it isn’t over till the fat lady sings. Unless you oversee the entire process till the end, you […]

Top 5 Vector Drawing Apps for iPad

Unlike most fields, designing is not a nine to five job. Most designers live and breathe design every waking hour. Even after work hours, there are times when your mind is busy cooking up ideas for the next project that you discussed with your team. Sometimes you find inspiration while you’re out with friends or get some […]

5 Amazing Illustrator Plugins

Adobe Illustrator is a marvelous application to create vector art, graphics and illustrations. But that’s not all. You can extend the capabilities of Illustrator with the help of 5 illustrator plugins to achieve more. Today we are going to explore 5 exciting illustrator plugins for graphic designers and illustrators. 5 Amazing Illustrator Plugins These Illustrator […]

How To Open And Use Vectors In Photoshop

Today we are going to see how to open and use vectors in Photoshop. But before we embark on this learning journey let me first give an overview of what Photoshop is, for people who don’t know about it. Later we shall learn how to open a vector file in Photoshop and also explore some […]

Vector Magic Review

As a graphic designer you may prefer Illustrator or CorelDraw to trace Bitmap images in to Vector ones. Vector Magic Review aims at throwing light on an online application which can be used to trace Bitmap to Vector. Why Vector Magic Review? Personally I use the pen tool to convert Bitmap to Vector, but occasionally […]

How Can I Convert An Image Into A Vector? | convert image to vector

Today we are going to see 4 amazing applications to convert an Image into a Vector. Vector images offer several advantages over bitmap images. You can learn more abour Vectors and Rasters in detail in an earlier post titled ‘what is vector art’. If you have a bitmap image, you may want to convert it […]