Why Should I Use Vector Artwork In My Designs?


Designers who are new to Graphic Design have several doubts about Image formats, their pros and cons and hence are not sure why they should use Vector Artwork in their designs.

There are in fact several reasons why you should use Vector Artwork in your designs. Let’s read further to understand the advantages of Vector Artwork and why they should be used in our designs.

5 Reasons Why To Use Vector Artwork In Designs

1. Use Vector Artwork to resize without losing picture quality.

Vector images, unlike Bitmaps or Raster images are created using mathematical operations. It uses dots, lines, curves and polygons to create shapes. Bitmap images on the other hand, use pixels which are put together to create an image. When we resize a Bitmap image these pixels are added or subtracted to fit the altered picture size. This addition and subtraction of pixels is done imperfectly and causes the picture quality to deteriorate. Vectors on the other hand can be scaled up and down to fit any size without affecting the quality of the graphic.

2. Use Vector Artwork to elucidate complex ideas and concepts

Bitmap images are usually photographs, unless they are Vector Graphics saved in Bitmap formats. Photographs are not always the best option for visuals aids. We may not be able to explain complex ideas and concepts which may be difficult to elucidate with a photograph.  For example, will we able to explain the working of the human heart with the help of photographs? Can we have a photograph to show how people are connected over a network? How can we show something which is unreal and only a fantasy such as a cartoon characters. I hope you are getting the idea where I’m driving at. Vector artwork or images can be used explain abstract concepts, complex systems and models and also to create unreal visuals. This is another huge gain in using Vector Artwork in designs.

3. Vector Files are completely editable

Another great plus point in using Vector Artwork in Designs. You can completely edit Vector Files, i.e. Alter the shape of the objects in the image, change the colors easily, delete or add new objects to the artwork,  resize the objects in the image or the image itself to fit any size. Basically, you can entirely change or customize a Vector image to suit your design or purpose.

4. Vector Art is ideal to simplify visuals.

Think about an interface like the one in your phone or a web application. Think about road signs that guide you about what lies ahead on the road, and pie and bar diagrams that indicating the rise and fall in stocks. Don’t you think all these icons and graphics are Vector artwork that cannot be replaced with bitmap images or even text for that matter?  Vector graphics has its importance in the field of communication and is completely indispensable.

5.  To add value through semi realistic or unrealistic visuals

Not all Art is useful in the direct sense. Meaning, not every visual that you see should directly suggest something. Some artwork such as colorful backgrounds, patterns and abstract artwork can be used to make the design visually attractive or just plainly add visual value to the design.

Taking it Further!

Now that you Designers have a good idea of when to and when not to use Vector Artwork let's look at some applications to create your own Vector Artwork?

Where to create Vector Artwork?

You can create your Vector artwork by any Vector Application. Vector applications are used to create and edit Vector Graphics. Once these graphics are created in these applications, they can be exported or saved to different file formats including Bitmap ones. Listed below are popular Vector applications.

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • CorelDRAW
  • Inkscape
  • Xara Xtreme

You can use these softwares to create Vector Artwork or edit artwork that you may have purchased from websites.

Where to buy Vector Artwork?

There are amazing websites that offer high quality artwork from thousands of artists and graphic designers from across the globe, and for reasonable prices.  Listed below are some awesome stock vector websites to buy Vector Artwork




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I hope you have thoroughly understood why you should use Vector Artwork in your designs and I also hope you create or download artwork to use in your future designs. Subscribe to our newsletters and we promise to keep you updated on some great stuff on Vectors regularly.

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