Essential Safety Card Infographic for Designers

We have this awesome Safety Card Infographic for Designers and Photo and Vector Stock users. This captivating illustration has been provided exclusively for Vectorguru readers and fans, by our partner site StockPhotoSecrets.

Why would you need this safety card infographic?

To error is human. Though you would agree that this has rightly been said, it is certainly not a line you would want to tell your clients or your boss if things go wrong. This Safety Card Infographic will have you 100% covered in aspects related to stock vector and images.

Designers work in a creative field and are expected to think out of the box. Besides the pressure to create unique design solutions and artwork all the time, strict deadlines and urgent deliveries are another issue a designer deals with everyday.

Freelance designers have to multitask and switch between different roles in order to deliver projects successfully. Switching between different projects and work areas may lead to skipping certain steps in the design and delivery process.

So how about tying the loose ends and patching up the loop holes in your design and delivery process.

Checkout the Safety Card Infographic Now

This Safety Card for designers is an essential check sheet for designers and Vector stock and stock photo users to make them aware of the pitfalls in the usage of stock vectors.

Let checkout the essential points this superb illustrated infographic for designers covers. And don’t forget to download your copy, stick it near your workdesk and share it with your colleagues and friends.

1. Deliver the designs to your clients but not the stock vectors and photos

Deliver the designs to your clients but not the stock vectors

Delivering the assets used in the designs is one common mistake a lot of newbies make. Client are unaware of the fact that the stock items cannot be reused new designs and a license has to be purchased in case they need to. Sometime, a customer or client, even if aware of the situation may mistakenly use it in an artwork later. Now you wouldn’t want any of this to happen, do you? So remember to deliver the design only to avoid future disappointment.

2. Never buy a stock vector of photo unless approved by the customer

Never buy a stock vector of photo-unless approved by the customer

Designers have a better sense of the which photos or Vectors should be used in the artwork. And there are occasions where designers having accounts with stock agencies may purchase the stock items beforehand and have them implemented in the design artwork. Steep deadlines are usually the driving force for such spontaneous behavior.

In some scenarios the client may actively participate in the design process at a later stage as he has a better picture of the marketing activity he may have planned. Now perhaps he requires another stock photo or vector in the place of the one you chose. There goes you money down the drain, along with the effort too.

Whether the client agrees to your decisions or loves your designs in the end, remember to get a written approval from the customer before you make any purchases for them.

3. Purchase larger images

Purchase larger images

A marketing campaign for a client may take unexpected turns where a leaflet design may be dropped and billboard or larger display may be demanded. This is bound to happen more often when dealing with customers through marketing agencies.

For times like these it is best to purchase a larger version of the stock photo beforehand to save us the hassle later. Of course Vectors in this case are the best buys as they are completely resizable and editable.

4. Check beforehand if an Extended License is needed

Check beforehand if an Extended-License is needed

Though understanding the purpose and intent of the design is what most designers begin their work with. Sometimes these aspects may be overlooked when purchasing the stock items from some stock agencies who offer more than one license.

So when exactly do we need to purchase an extended license for our designs? Extended license are purchased when the product consists only of the image. It is also needed if product where the image is used is going to be reselled, used in a template, website theme or is incorporated within an application.

Never forget to communicate this to your client and remember to underline this aspect in your project guideline as well.

5. Check the license purchased by you customers and clients

Check the license purchased by you customers and clients

In a rush, we may fail to check through the license purchased by our customer for the artwork. If the license does not match the stock item usage, it is because of the mistake of the designer as the client is may not be as aware as you of the terms of usage.

So it wouldn’t be wrong for the customer to strike at you for this error, would it?

This tip saves you the embarrassment. Make the client aware of the license before he purchases the license and remember to check it after the purchase.

6. Never use Editorial Images in Commercial Designs

Never use Editorial Images in Commercial Designs

Though most designers are aware of this, some are not. There have been few if not many instances where editorial images have been used in artwork for commercial designs. This is strictly a license restriction and can lead to dire circumstances if disregarded.

If this sounded scary, I’m sure you’ll be thankful later. So never use Editorial images in designs meant for commercial purpose.

7. Use the customers preferred agencies to download stock vector and images

Use the customers preferred agencies

You may prefer different stock agencies than your clients. So before you spend your valuable time looking for stock vector and images on your favorite site ask where your customers usually purchase from as they may have their account there. Unique images and vectors that you took your time to sort may not be found there later.

To avoid disappointment, ask them for their preferred stock agency. This also leads us to our next important tip.

8. Never buy images for clients through your account

Never buy images for clients through your account

For several advantageous reasons, it is a best practice to ask them to purchase stock images and vectors from client accounts. You can request them to open an account if they do not have one.

This makes them liable for the images and license purchased. If the stock items are misused in the future, you have your hands clean. Of course it is also your duty as a designer to educate them about the license terms if needed.

9. Use watermarked comp images for preview only

Use the customers preferred agencies

Once designs are approved with the watermarked comps, get the images approved and purchased from the customer. Then replace the watermarked comp images with the purchased ones. Even though you may be extra careful, if you continue working with comp images, you may end up delivering them to your client.

You don’t want your watermarked comp images to appear in your final designs.

10. Replace Watermarked Comp Images with Licensed Images before publishing

Replace Watermarked Comp Images

This is the last but not the least tip for every designer. On few instances comp images have made it to the publishing houses and with further neglect have been printed and displayed too. This is would embarrass the client cause you professional damage as well.

Watermarked comps are not only ugly, they are a legal offence too. They are provided by the agency for you to test your designs before purchasing them and are strictly not to be used in your final products.

Remember to check your designs thoroughly, and then check them again before sending them for print.

Since the use of Stock Vector and Images is a part of our daily work, following each and every rule is vital to avoid later disappointments. Stick this up near your workdesk and never remove it. And take your time to review your project on these guidelines as well.

Stock Photo Safety Card Infographic for Designers

stock photo safety card infographic

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Stock Photo Safety Video

This awesome Safety Card Infographic will add to the aesthetics of your workplace too. So download and print it out and share it with others who need it as well.

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