10 Free Vector Website Resources

10 Free Vector Website Resources

Design houses, advertising agencies, and the likes, often face the need for vector graphics for their projects. Not all of them however, have the necessary resources to create them. At other times, tight deadlines require graphic designers to come up with graphic solutions within the most impractical time limits. The most dreaded scenario among graphic designers though is that of being faced with the phenomenon of a ‘creative block’, where even the simplest design ideas fail to come forth.

In such cases, wouldn’t it be great if someone lends a helping hand in the form of just the graphics you want, and that too for FREE! We also have a list of Free Vector Frames.

Sites offering free graphic downloads are a boon to all involved, directly or indirectly, with graphic design work. So if you’re a graphic designer, or even a design house or advertising agency looking for some great vector art, there is a great collection waiting for you from some of the most popular free vector website resources.

10 Awesome Free Vector Ressources Websites

1. vecteezy.com

10 Free vector resources
A wonderful site, offering scores of free vector graphics for downloads. The graphics are categorized brilliantly and are indicated by large thumbnails, which make browsing easy. You may also become a member to share your vector art and graphics with others.

2. vectoropenstock.com

Another great free vector site that boasts of more than 4000 free vectors available for downloads. You may use the search bar if you’re looking for something specific. One amazing aspect of this website is that you may even look for vectors under specific license types.

3. vectorportal.com

Besides the enormous collection of vector graphics that attracts loads of visitors, the User Interface is what makes you want to browse endlessly and tirelessly. The home page highlights the Latest Uploads with a helpful filter, with categories outlined in a sidebar as well. Each vector thumbnail also has number of downloads mentioned, suggesting the popularity of that graphic.

4. free-vectors.com

A simple site with loads of vectors to download, this site also offers a simple way to upload your vectors and share. While viewing vectors, the site also recommends similar categories of vectors based on what you’re looking at. Well, that is just one of the reasons for its popularity.

5. greatvectors.com

Another site with a great collection of vectors, as the name suggests. With categories listed in the sidebar, browsing this site is a breeze. The thumbnails too are tagged suggesting categories, so that they reveal other similar graphics when clicked on.

6. freevector.com

This site too has a massive collection of vector graphics waiting to be downloaded. Well sorted categories help you find what you are looking for. The site also offers tutorials on vector graphics. There are some very niche categories too, like banners and 3D, which sets this site apart.

7. dezignus.com

The dynamic moving banner is not the only part of the site that bemuses you. In the sidebar, the ‘Best of Dezignus’, showcases the most popular vector downloads. The categories mentioned just above this section are the basic ones. You may use the search bar when on the lookout for something more specific.

8. freevectorarchive.com

You will find this one the most User Friendly of the lot. Besides the categories mentioned right at the top, there is a filter where you can choose from different file formats, categories, popular or newest ones, or even the ones that carry the highest ratings. It even has a color band where you can click to look for graphics with those specific colors. Here you are sure to find what you need in the least possible time.

9. all-free-download.com

This site has one of the largest collections of free vector graphics. Do not be deceived by the simplicity of the site! This one offers a truly great collection of icons, brushes and video footage as well.

10. easyvectors.com


This site has more than 36,300 free vectors available for download. Now that’s a big number! Easyvectors is completely user friendly where they have a separate search page with category and color filters. They also have an order filter where you can search based on oldest, newest, most downloaded or even ones that are based on monthly and weekly graphic trends.

Important: Though these free vector resource sites may offer you countless vectors to download for free, make sure you check the license type before you download and use it in your work.

What do you think about our list of Free Vector Websites?

Also, take the time to create something useful and submit to any of these sites. It may help another graphic designer in need, just as it helped you!
I have attempted to provide you with the best of resources in free vector graphics, though I’m sure I might have missed some important ones. Please share your favorite websites for free vectors in the comments below. Happy downloading!!

Images © Edyta Pawlowska – Fotolia.com

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