Where to Buy Icons for your Designs

Buying icons, its a nightmare that the majority of designers are going to encounter at some point during the creation of a project. Making so many icons from scratch is not only time consuming, but can become tedious and down right annoying! But as always, we here at VectorGuru are here with a helping hand as we show you where to buy icons that are not only professional, high quality designs but also don't break the bank!

Definitely the best way to get professional icons for your designs fast and cheap, is getting them online. Professional stock vector icons are ready to download and use, and being vector format they are also easily customizable and integrated into your projects.

Icontail LogoAnd we have the best deal in icons too! Coming with over 2000 icons in one pack, IconTail is a steal when it comes to the sheer amount of high quality icons on offer. Even more, we bring you an awesome limited-time Icontail Coupon Code with 50% Off in your purchase!

Keep reading to find more about buying icons on the web, and why you definitely should!

IconTail: The Ultimate Solution to Buying Icons

IconTail is an unbeatable offer in vector icons, which gives you a massive icon pack with over 2000 icons for the super low price of $59 (or $79 for the premium version with extra formats).

Coming in over 50 categories covering everything from Zodiac Signs to Media Player Buttons and Transportation through to Science and Medical, all professionally designed by Pixel Perfect, the IconTail Icon Pack has an icon for literally anything you can think of!

As you can see, this icon pack is of the highest quality, even better, the extremely friendly license allows you to use your purchased icons in as many projects as you like, wether they are personal or commercial!

Some other awesome benefits of the IconTail Icon Pack include:

  • 2050 Vector Icons in Line and Fill Styles
  • Only $59!
  • Spread Over 50+ Categories for Easy Searching
  • Smart Stroke Line Control
  • iOS and Android Optimized
  • Comes in 7 Different Pixel Sizes and 7 Different Formats for Easy Customization
  • Premium Pack available with Additional Vector Formats and Complimentary Web Fonts, for just $79

Do I need to go on?

Grabbing Icontail for yourself is an extremely easy process! Simply scroll to the bottom of the main page, click the buy now button, choose your method of payment and fill out the form!
Accepting both Card and PayPal, you can choose whatever method is easiest for you! For more information, don't miss our dedicated IconTail review.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your IconTail Icon Pack Here Now!

And now you can save even more, thanks to our exclusive, limited-time discount! This IconTail Coupon Code gives 50% discount in your purchase! It's only valid for the first 100 customers, so hurry up!

Science & Medical

Buying Vector Icons: Best Resource for Designers

Icons are key part of many designs, from websites to mobile applications and beyond. All developers know the hassle it can be to create every graphic icon from scratch, as much as they know the great visual results of having icons that fluidly integrate to the overall design.

Buying icons that are already created and ready to use (what we call stock icons), is certainly a great way to save time in the completion of your projects. And the web is the perfect place to find them, with lots of stock imagery suppliers offering icons and icon packs that you can license and use.

Within them, vector icons are for sure the ultimate solution for designers: this image format allows full customization, letting you alter any aspect of the graphic, like size, shape, color and more, without modifying the proportions nor hurting resolution. Stock vector icons are awesome for they provide you with a way to get icons fast and easily, and at the same time they give you full editing power to make each icon look exactly the way you need.

IconTail is the king of vector icons. It's massive vector icon pack with over 2000 icons, covering most sought after categories and topics, is as cheap as professional and high quality. Being optimized for the most popular platforms like Android and iOS, including multiple file types that work on a wide array of editing softwares (like Adobe Illustrator and its great alternatives), and with both outlined and filled version for every icon included (which gives you a total of 4100 icons), IconTail's pack is sure to have everything you can possibly ask for when it comes to vector icons!

If you are looking for where to buy icons for your projects, look no further and grab your IconTail pack today! And don't miss the chance to get it for half its regular price with our exclusive IconTail Coupon Code with 50% Discount for the first 100 customers!


Happy Designing!

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