10 Websites with Free Vector Frames

10 websites with free vector frames

Creating borders and frames in a vector application is a time consuming task and can eat up on your design time. As a designer you may want to spend time on the main artwork rather than the frame, the purpose of which is to define the boundaries of the artwork. But these free vector frames too add up to the overall beauty of the design and should not be overlooked as an insignificant part of the design.

You can also use frames to draw the user’s attention to a particular message or a product, rather than using it as a border for the entire artwork. The ornamental designs in borders can be used as content separators in your artwork.

So if you’re on the look out for some great vector frames, you are in for a big treat. Here are 10 great resources to download frames and borders for your designs, and will cost you nothing!

Best 5 of 10 Free Vector Frames Ressources

1. greatvectors


This website has always been a favorite among graphic designers for the free vectors that they offer. You will find some intricately designed borders and frames here.

2. freepik


Freepik has a great collection of vectors too. The Vector Graphics Frames available here range from Victorian style borders to floral and freehand ones.

3. vector4free


Here you will find old book style borders and some seamless lines and borders. There are some ornate vector frames which are simple, yet elegant.

4. freevector


Freevector has some unique vector frames, like the Art Noveau Ornament frames and the Polaroid ones. You’ll also find some rare vintage frames here.

Last 5 of 10 Free Vector Frames Ressources

5. vecteezy


Vecteezy has a small but some distinctive collection of vector frames and borders.

6. dryicons


The collection here is huge. You may come across borders and frames that may not be found on other websites. There are some with illustrated artwork for frame borders and some circular frames as well.

7. freedesignfile


This is another site with a vast collection of quality frames. You will find some rare speech bubble frames ans even retro and vintage ones

8. freevectors


Though they have just four sets of free vector frames, you can be sure to find some useful ones within.

9. vectorian


If you’re particularly looking for calligraphic design borders and frames, this is the website where you are sure to find those. They have grand collection of some unique Victorian ornamental designs here.

10. all-free-download


This is another favorite website among graphic designers with loads of frames and borders to download and use. The variety of designs that you may get here is hard to find elsewhere.

The free vectors that you download from these websites may not be of an impeccable quality. It’s best you download the vectors and refine it by ridding it of those extra anchor points or nodes, and adjust the curves to make it smooth.

If you don’t know how to use a vector application or do not have the time to work on it, it’s best you buy cheap vectors from some well reputed sites such as Shutterstock, Depositphotos and iStockphoto.

You can rest assured regarding the quality of the vectors available on these websites. If you want to know more about cheap vectors, read our earlier post on where to find cheap vector images.

I hope you found these websites with free vector frames useful and are already busy downloading some.

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Images © Tom Wang – Fotolia.com

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