What Is A Vector Pack?

So what is a vector pack? Websites offering Vector Art for download, often if not always, offer Vector Packs at discounted prices. Though the term is self explanatory, few may get confused and associate it to something completely unrelated. With heaps of plug-ins and applications introduced everyday, and new emerging technologies offering endless possibilities, you are not the one to be blamed. Let me answer a few commonly asked questions related to Vector Packs

What is a Vector Pack after all?

A Vector Pack, is simply a collection of Vector Graphics or Art, packaged and sold as a single item. Now that isn't strange at all, is it?

But why would someone group vector graphics together and sell them in a pack? Our next section answers just that.

What’s there in a Vector Pack?

Artists sometimes create an array of graphics related to the same topic. These graphics may be created keeping a central theme or idea in mind. For example, a ‘sports silhouettes vector pack’ may hold silhouettes of athletes playing different sports, a ‘skull vector pack’ may have skulls in different sizes and shapes, perhaps with different expressions as well.

Any graphics or Vector Art that can be grouped together and sold in a set, can be sold as a Vector Pack.

Sometimes unrelated objects can be grouped together if they are visually a part of a theme. For example, a retro theme Vector Pack can have objects like a guitar, bicycle, watch, a wig,  a party scene or a beach scene – anything at all that visually fits into a retro theme.

A Vector Pack may sometimes have two or more sets of related or unrelated Vectors. A typical Vector pack may contain 5 to 25 Vectors or at times even 100 of em sometimes.

Now that you know what is a vector pack, let's move on to understand more about it.

What are Mega Vector Packs?

As the name suggests, several sets of Vector Graphics and Images are sold in a large pack at a reasonable price. These Mega Packs usually have 100 to even 500 Vectors sold as a single item at times. A truck load of Vectors! Isn’t that great?

Advantages of buying Vectors Packs

So where’s the catch? Well, there is no catch here. You get superb discounts when you purchase Vector Packs. You end up saving a lot compared to buying these Vectors separately.

If you regularly buy single Vectors online, you end up spending a lot more than you think you do, in the long run. If you need graphics pertaining to a particular field and you’re looking for variation with every new artwork you create, a Vector Pack can save dollars and time as well. You would not have to go online and waste time purchasing every single graphic, every time you need them.

Is a Vector Pack always the best choice?

That depends. If think you might not use up most of the graphics, if not all, it would be feasible and cost effective to buy them separately, as and when required.

If you're interested to buy some Vector Packs, there are some awesome sites which offer unbelievable bargains and massive discounts. Visit Mightydeals, Vectorian.netvectorpack.net or Dealfuel to grab your favorite Vector Packs.

Note: Make sure you read and understand everything about the license thoroughly, before you purchase and use the Vector or Vector Pack in your design or artwork.

I hope you now know what a Vector Pack is now? If you still haven’t, please leave your doubts below, in the comments and I’ll make sure to get back to you. If you liked this post, you may subscribe to VECTORGURU and have more deep insights and some goodies come your way, regularly!

Images © Boris Ryaposov – Fotolia.com

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