What Are Vector Logos And Where Can I Find Them?

Let’s see what are Vector Logos and where to find them. First let’s see what logos are.

What is a Logo?

Logos are symbols and graphics that are created as an identity for an individual, a group, company, a firm or any organization which may be involved in a commercial or non-commercial activity. Logo’s are an important aspect of the overall brand strategy and project the company image effectively. They are used to promote and market a product or service effectively. Popular brands are usually identified with their respective logos. For example, Mc’Donalds has a large ‘M’ which symbolizes their brand, similarly Nike has the swoosh, Adidas has three stripes and so on. Consumers are able to identify the product and service of a company mainly by its logo.

What are Vector Logos?

Let’s first understand what Vectors are and then we shall dive in to the importance of using Vector as a format for our logos.

Images and graphics come in two main formats – namely Raster and Vector. Raster images are made up of Pixels, whereas Vector formats are made up using mathematical algorithms with dots, lines curves and polygons. Vector Files are easy to edit compared to Raster ones. We have a great post about the ‘difference between Vectors and Bitmap images’ if you want to understand the differences in detail.

There’s a noteworthy reason why Vector files should be used for logos. Vector files can be resized or scaled up or down to any size without any quality loss. A raster file on the other hand looses quality when resized.

Unquestionably logos have to be in a vector format as they can be resized to fit any size and edited if required, hence they are called as Vector Logos.

Where to download Vector Logos?

If you need a Vector logo for your project, there are some awesome websites where you can find these. I have listed top 5 Vector Logo websites that offer great Vector Logos. We don't recommend to use Free Vector Logos EPS files.

1. 123rf


123rf is at the top of our list for a having an awesome collection of Vector Logos, with an entire section of their websites dedicated to it. You can access the logo section by using the link in their header of their website. The logos here are professionally designed and are ready to use along by just adding your company name and tagline. Once a logo is purchased from 123rf, you have the exclusive rights to edit and use it anywhere and it would be permanently removed from the site.

2. Depositphotos


This stock image website too has a wonderful collection of unique logos that can be used in your projects. Since these logos are in a Vector format, you can edit it in a Vector application like Adobe Illustrator to change the color or shape to your liking. You can then add the company name and a tagline of your choice.

3. Shutterstock


Shutterstock is one of the leading stock image websites in the world and has a huge collection of Vector logos too. You can be sure of the quality of the graphic here. Besides the logo symbols found here you will also find some fabulous emblems and logo badges which are attractive and exclusive.

4. Bigstock


Bigstock is another website renowned for its collection of high quality images. There are over 10,000 unique Vector Logos to choose and over 4000 3D logos which may be hard to find elsewhere. Remember to check Vectors in the ‘Refine your Search’ section of the page to get Vector Logos in your results.

5. Dreamstime


This stock image website has a massive collection of Vector Logos with some logos having very unique concepts and designs. You will also find some great set of logos offered as a single graphic. You can download these, select any one from the group of symbols and use as logo by adding the company name and tagline to it.

Since the Logos downloaded from the above mentioned websites are Vector Logos, you can edit the graphic to suit your needs. You may modify the shape, change its colors, change the background and resize the logo to suit your requirement and project your company’s image. We recommend using Adobe Illustrator for editing your logo EPS files.

You can also create a own Vector Logo in Illustrator. Watch following video about it.


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Please let me know if you liked the logos available on the above mentioned websites and if you intend to use them in your projects. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletters to keep you posted on some awesome posts in the future. I hope you make the most and download from the list of websites that offer Vector Logos. Enjoy!

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