Vector Stock Trends 2017!

With the end of one year comes the start of a new one and now that we are a few weeks in we can start to understand the trends of yesteryear and those to come in the year ahead.

The team here at VectorGuru are as crazy about Vectors as you, the reader, so we decided to team up with SignSilo in order to show you the….

Vector Stock Trends of 2017!

Vectors come in infinite styles and cover all kinds of themes and topics. SignSilo is a great example of this, with their library of over 1,000,000 hand-curated vectors that ensures they have the quality and variety to fit in any project.

However, every year there are styles and themes that stand out for their popularity and extended use. It’s the kind of content people want to see, and so it’s the kind of vectors you want to use. And why not check out our favourite Illustrator Alternatives to turn your vectors into works of art!

Here at VectorGuru we have been having a deep look into the vector stock market, and with the help of our friends at SignSilo, we bring you this list of the Top 5 Vector Stock Trends for 2017!

Let’s get discovering!

1. Data & Infographics

Data and Infographics are back! With their continued use by companies to portray quick information to the public and consumers, Infographics have always been a great way to get a lot of information in front of someone real quick.
This year there’s a huge surge in searches for images that represent big data, associated with the latest technologies rising up in the world. And infographics get beautified including elements of storytelling as they aim to deliver information in a visually appealing way.

2. Retro Style

Retro is in the middle of a huge resurgence throughout the market. With mainstream coverture via movie posters, Icons, Company logos and other forms of branding, Retro is definitely something to look out for in the near future. For 2017, we will see a revamping of classic styles adding elements of modern design.

3. Text Designs

The ongoing boom of social media keeps influencing visual trends, this time in the form of text designs. Following the image posts popularised in social networking, there’s a rise in the use of bold typography (often overlaid on photos) to deliver short and straight-to-the-point messages. This style will be very sought after in online advertising.

4. Hand Drawing

A style that had been decreasing in popularity over the last few years, but now we are seeing a new surge of hand-drawn illustrations. This kind of art is being chosen mostly by brands wanting to make their products and services look more accessible and fun.

5. Minimalism

While in previous years minimalist styles appeared to be all about black&white, in 2017 vibrant colours will be the star, with duotone designs at the top. From logos to icons to more complex designs, it’s all about simple shapes and clear interfaces.

So there you have them: the Top 5 Vector Stock Trends for 2017. These are the styles and themes that our team of experts, including SignSilo staff, thinks will be all the rage this year. When you buy vectors for your next design, you know which ones to pick! And why not check out our Adobe Illustrator Alternatives article for some great options in vector editing software!

With VectorGuru and Vectorfesh as your consultants, your upcoming projects will be nothing but current, compelling and all in all trendy!

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