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Twitter Icon as Vector

Social media has had a great impact on the business world, making social engagement an essential part in ones online business success. With website designs to match your identity, wouldn't you need your social media icons to be personalized as well?

Among the other social icons, the twitter icon bird has been the most customized icon giving graphic designers a great reason to explore the most unthinkable design ideas.

There are numerous websites to get your favorite twitter icon. Further, there are some which offer these in vector formats, so that you can customize it to match your website or perspective.

Some great web resources have been researched and the most awesome 5 of them are listed below, that have a fabulous collection of twitter icon as vectors. So browse through and get your favorite birdie to hypnotize your users.

5 Ressources to buy the Twitter Icon as Vector

1. Depositphotos


Depositphotos has an adorable collection of twitter vector icons. Remember to select vectors from the dropdown besides the search button when searching. Here you’ll find the ones that look like stickers, buttons, labels, shields and even some in origami shapes. Plus, they are vectors which make them highly alterable.

2. Fotolia


This site too offers some lovely twitter vectors. Some have speech and thought bubbles where you can add your message to make these more clickable

3. Bigstockphoto


There are some really awesome and rare Twitter Icons to adorn your site here. The birds with their delightful expressions are sure to get the users eye.

4. Shutterstock


Shutterstock has a great collection too. The ones here are really unique and you’re sure to have a hard time choosing your favorite.

5. Photospin


Another site with a great vector graphic collection. Some of the birdies here have lovely expressions. Pick the ones that would charm your users with their enchanting gaze.

How do you use the Twitter Icon?

Alright, here are some quick facts that should motivate you to work on your blue bird. 42% of businesses reported to have acquired a consumer through Twitter. 79% of followers on Twitter are more likely to recommend the brand they follow.

The best part about the Twitter icon among the other social network icons is that its instantly recognizable, regardless of its shape and form. So feel free to choose any of the Twitter vector icons and customize at will.

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