Top 20 Best Vector Icons

Icons are an integral part of UI design. Icons are points through which the users access information and functions. Hence Icons have to be easily recognizable and should accurately represent the utility in the application.

Elaborate design styles with gradient colors and effects, have given way to simple designs. Now, applications and websites have simpler user interfaces with minimal graphics.

The Flat design style, a trend in graphic and user interface design had been a rage last year and continues to trend this year too. The Flat graphic design trend was promoted by Microsoft through their Windows 8 release. Google too adopted the design style where their icons appeared flat without gradients or gloss in them.

One of the main reasons why Flat Design Style is widely adopted by designers is because the User Interface appears uncluttered and facilitates user action.

Vectorguru brings the Top 20 Best Vector Icons that are created using the flat design style.

Moreover, these vector icons are created by professional designers and are offered by renowned stock agencies. So you can be sure about the quality of the file.

So move on, check out these awesome Icon sets and download them for your future projects.

List of Top 20 Best Vector Icons.

1. Set of Web Icons for Business, Finance and Communication

Set of web icons for business, finance and communication

This set of 70 premium quality Vector Icons have web icons and icons related to business, finance and communication. These icons are offered at Shutterstock, one on the leading Vector and Image stock agencies in the world. This Icon set has all the essential icons that would be required in a regular website or application.

2. 100 Business Icons, Human Resource, Finance, Logistic Icon Set

100 business icons, human resource, finance, logistic icon set

This is another great Vector Icons set offered at Shutterstock with Icons which are difficult to find elsewhere. The 100 Icons set includes icons for Human Resources, Factory, Shipping and Finance. It also has icons which can be used for Ecommerce, Tourism and Logistics sites and applications.

3. Web and Social Media Icons, Vector Elements

web and social media icons, vector elements

The Web, Social Media Icons and Vector Elements are very unique icons which can be used in applications and websites, as well as in Infographics related to the internet. These icons are isometric illustrations and though they don't follow the flat design trend completely, they certainly appear simple to make it to this list of 20 Best Vector Icons.

You can download these vector icons at Shutterstock.

4. 400 Vector Icons Pack´(White Version) – Stock Illustration

400 Vector Icons Pack´(White Version) - Stock Illustration

If you haven’t found the icons you’re looking for in the Icon sets above, you can be certain to find it here. This set has 400 Vector Icons which cover almost all the icons that you would need for your web and mobile projects. Besides the common User Interface elements the 400 Vector Icons set has icons for diverse utilities.

You can get this ‘400 Vector Icons Pack' at Depositphotos, which is a reliable and leading Vector and Image stock website.

5. 90 SEO Icons for Web Design

90 SEO Icons for Web Design

If you’re an Search Engine Optimization company, an Internet marketing firm or just require icons in these categories, download the ‘90 SEO Icons for web design’ offered at Depositphotos. The '90 Icons for Web Design' set has every icon that you would need for your SEO and Digital Marketing project.

6. Set of 1000 Quality Icon

Set of 1000 Quality icon

This massive ‘Set of 1000 Quality Icons' is offered at Depositphotos and contains icons designed for diverse categories. The set includes Fire Service icons , Medical icons , Media icons , Money icons , Food icons ,Mobile icons , Police icons ,Web icons , Camping and even some unique Butterfly and  Snowflakes icons. So grab these icons at Shutterstock as some of these are hard to find.

7. Soccer (Football) Icon Set in Flat Design Style

Soccer (football) icon set in flat design style

The 2014 Fifaworld Cup commence on 12th of June and you may surely need these if you have projects related to the event or just the game. These bright and exciting icons are created using the flat design style and are just the set to use this season.

Download this unique icon set at Fotolia, a reputed stock agency which is a favorite among Vector buyers.

8. Set of 25 Business and Company Icons

Set of 25 Business and Company Icons

Another place to look for Vector icons is at Thinkstock. Thinkstock is a renowned stock agency known for its quality Vectors and Images. If you’re looking for some uncommon icon designs to help your UI standout from the rest, download the ‘Set of 25 Business and Company Icons' to use in your websites and apps.

9. Advance Flat Icons

Advance Flat Icons

This is yet another unique set of very detailed Advanced Flat Icons offered at Thinkstock. These icons are created using the long shadow style which makes the flat icons and shapes appear three dimensional without compromising on its simplicity.

10. Marketing and Design Service Flat Icons

Marketing and design services flat icons set

If you’re a Branding and Marketing design  firm, this is an Icon set you would love to have. This wonderful set has icons for all the services that a branding and design firms offer. Each icon in this set has been created thoughtfully. If you’re a branding firm these icons will surely help you represent your company as a creative one.

11. Icons Set for Web buttons, Internet & Web

Icons Set for Web buttons, Internet & Web

This is another mega collection of 800 Icons covering icons for most common utilities. This Icon set offered by Fotolia has icons for Web , Computer, Business, Shopping, Education, Social Media, Entertainment and Travel. Besides these, it also has icons for rare categories like Medicine, Automobile, Fashion, Holidays, Ecology, Party, Audio, Music and Law. Don’t miss these as most may come handy in your future projects.

12. 3480 Icon Set

3480 icon set

If the last Icon set did not satiate your thirst for Icons, this one unquestionably will. This Icons set has every icon that you could wish for. It goes without saying that this icon set deserves to be a part of every designers kit.

Let me remind you that all of the Top 20 Best Vector Icons can be edited to suit your design requirements. So if you desire, you may turn these simple Icons in to snazzy ones.

13. Sport, Games and Leisure, Long Shadow Icons

Sport, games and leisure, long shadow icons

The Sport, Games and Leisure long shadow icons may not adhere completely to the flat design style. But since they use the long shadow style, a current trend in graphic design, you may use them in your projects to grab some attention.

14. Set of 600 Universal Modern Thin Line Icons for Web and Mobile

Set of 600 universal modern thin line icons for web and mobile

Yes, this is another gigantic collection of 600 Vector Icons that is waiting to be downloaded at Bigstock. These Icons belong to a graphic design style called as the ‘Thin Line style' in which color fills are avoided for the sake of simplicity. These icons can give your User Interface a distinct look while maintaining its simplicity.

15. Universal Flat Icons.

Universal Flat Icons

Bigstock is another remarkable website where you can find unique icons to use in your websites and applications. The Universal Flat Icons set has 24 distinctive icons that are offered in 3 different variations.  You may use these icons in different User Interfaces or for different rollover states within the same application . For instance, the User Interface may have the grey icons in normal state and change to colored ones when the user hovers over it.

16. Set of Flat Icons for Mobile App and Web

Set of flat icons for mobile app and web

This set of 110 Flat Icons for Mobile App and Web are offered at Shutterstock. This Vector Icons are very minimalist and come in two variations for each Icon. You may choose between an icon with a rectangular or a circular background.

17. Vector – Financial Service Items, Business Management Symbol

Vector - financial service items, business management symbol, banking accounting and money objects

Download this amazing Vector Icon set from 123RF if you have a project related to Finance, Business, Banking, Accounting or Money. Though these Icons are created using the Flat Long Shadow Design style they are created with high detail as compared to most icons in this category.

18. Vector – Media and Advertising Icons

Vector - Media and Advertising icons

If you’re looking for Media and Advertising icons, there can’t be a better choice than this one. This set has 35 simple, yet creative Icons to use in your projects. This would be suitable for a firms that offer service related to Web Development, SEO and other such services related to Internet or Digital Marketing.

19. Vector – Education Icons Set

Vector - Education icons set

If you’re building websites, mobile apps or web application related to education and would like your User Interface to be intuitive, checkout the ‘Vector – Education Icons Set'. This simple icon set has all the Icons that would help you in your educational projects.

20. Vector – Food Icon Set

Vector - Food icon set

123RF offers a Food Icon set that covers every category of food that you would need for your website or app. So if you have projects related to Restaurants or Eateries this ‘Food Icon Set' can be really useful.

Well, that brings us to the end of our list of ‘Top 20 Best Vector Icons'. It would be wonderful if you could share your favorite Icon sets with us in the comments below.

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