Top 20 Best Vector Characters

Vectorguru brings this list of top 20 Best Vector Characters, handpicked from the most popular sites across the globe. These vector illustrations are among the best selling and most popular Vector Character downloads on leading Vector Stock websites.

Benefits or using Vector Characters in designs.

Vector Characters can be used to make your websites and blogs lively. Products and services which may seem dull and dreary can instantly be turned in to exciting and thrilling ones by adding adorable Vector Characters. Besides adding visual flavor to your design, Vector Characters have a more profound effect on the users mind than we imagine.

Designs tell a lot about the people behind an organization, and users comprehend the culture and ethics of a company by judging from their designs, content and approach. Characters project the organization as a friendly and sociable company. In today’s competitive business environment it is imperative for an organization to appear sociable, transparent and approachable, as consumers like to deal with organizations which are open to their views and problems.

List of Top 20 Best Vector Characters

Today we are going to share an awesome list of Vector Characters that have been chosen from leading Vector Stock websites from around the world

1. Group Cartoon Business People

Group cartoon business people

This is a wonderful set of young Vector characters can be used in your website, blog or presentations where the content is more upbeat. Download this awesome Vector Characters set from Shutterstock, one of the most popular websites for high quality Vectors and images.

2. Elegant People Series -Businessman, Successful Set

Elegant People Series -Businessman,Succes sful set

The Elegant People Series is a series of Vector Characters that has very adorable characters performing business tasks. The colors and illustration style used in these character illustrations are very modern and fit the current trend. So you sure don’t want to miss these.

3. Elegant People Series | Business Women, Smart phone, Tablet

Elegant People Series business women ,smart phone ,Tablet

This adorable Business Women Vector Character is another one from the Elegant People Series. You may use either of these in your blog or website related to Business or Management. You’ll find more awesome illustrations in these series at Shutterstock.

4. Group of Happy Cartoon Teenagers

Group of happy cartoon teenagers

If you have a website that offers services or products that appeal to the youth, this is a set of Vector Characters to use in your designs. You can also use these characters in educational websites and blogs. Each of these Vector Characters are bright and cheery and can make your design appear more energetic.

5. Business People

business people

This is another great set of Vector Characters that could be used in your designs. The characters in the Business People illustrations set are created using a very unique illustration style to make them appear comical. You can go with this character set if you feel the need to express the content in a lighter or humorous tone.

6. Sporty Cartoon Character Assortment

Sporty Cartoon Character Assortment

The ‘Sporty Cartoon Character Assortment’ is a hilarious set of Vector Characters that can add a humorous viewpoint to content related to the respective sports. With these illustrations on your site, your users are sure to leave with a hearty laugh.

7. Lovely Wedding the Bride and Groom, Vector

Lovely wedding the bride and groom,vector

This Vector Character is suitable for websites or blogs related to wedding or matrimonial services. The artist has carefully illustrated the most significant parts of a wedding. These light hearted illustrations are bound to leave the users in a romantic mood.

8. Teamwork of Professionals

Teamwork of professionals

If you’re looking out for more professional character illustrations, this Vector Character set is just the right one for you. The artist here uses the flat design illustration style and colors to create a series of icons and characters that are simple and pleasant. You can use these Vector Characters if you are looking for illustrations in the current flat style design trend.

9. Hipster Elements and Icons Set with Hipster Character for Vintage Style Design

Hipster elements and icons set with Hipster Character for vintage style design

Hipster design trend is a cool graphic trend that has currently become popular among web and graphic designers. It has Vintage components such as hats, classic boots and the iconic moustache and beard look of the old era. The Hipster design trend celebrates the simple and social mannerisms of the hipster culture that had swept the world in the late 60’s. Download this Vector Hipster Character with the elements that can be used to alter his looks for your design.

10. Hipster Girls and Boys Set

Hipster girls and boys set

This another awesome Hipster girls and boys Vector set that belong to the hipster design trend. Use these Vector Characters in your websites and blogs to project a sociable and cool demeanor. Download these Hipster Characters and checkout more such Vectors at Bigstock, a leading Vector Stock Agency.

I'm sure you haven't had enough, so here are the next 10 Vector Characters from the list.

11. Set of Businessman Characters Poses

Set Of Businessman Characters Poses

Here’s a simple illustration of a Businessman in different poses. This Vector Character would be useful if you’re building a website, blog or a presentation with a character that serves as a mascot. Mascots have a high recall value and can boost your brands recognition among competitors. You may look for more such characters at Bigstock.

12.  Stick Figure Inspired Children in Different Characters

Vector - Stick figure inspired children in different characters

This illustration is a Stick Figure inspired illustration offered at 123RF. 123RF is a well known stock agency, famous for its high quality Vectors and images. Simple Vector Characters like these ones add visual interest to websites and blogs without making it look like its graphically overdone.

13. Vector Worker Set – office worker, chef, doctor, fireman, pilot, carpenter, policeman, porter

Vector - Vector worker set - ofice worker, chef, doctor, fireman, pilot, carpenter, policeman, porter

This is a Vector Character set with characters from different professions. These characters can be used in job consultancy websites or in different projects with related content. This illustration has been created using the flat design style which is in vogue currently.

14. Vector – Cartoon Characters of Different Professions

Vector - Cartoon characters of different professions

This is another collection of Vector Characters from different professions offered at 123RF. If you do not find the professional character you are looking for, you can check out more such illustrations offered on the 123RF website.

15.  Male Superhero Silhouettes

Male Superhero Silhouettes

Though this one is not a Vector Character, it’s a useful superhero silhouette that can be used innovatively within your blog or website. This Vector character could make your service or product appear extraordinary and exclusive.

16.  Smart Worker Cartoon Character

Smart worker cartoon character

If you’re offering expert advice through a blog or website, you can use these Vector Characters to help when emphasizing a point. There are more Illustrations in the same series offered at Fotolia that can be used in your projects.

17.  Kids Icons – Stock Illustration

Kids icons - Stock Illustration

This set of joyful kids is a Vector Character set that’s created in a unique Illustration style. You can use this illustration in kids products, websites or blogs. Cheerful Illustrations like this one here, add a positive air to the design. You can download this Vector Character set or checkout similar ones at Depositphotos.

18.  Businessman Points on Flipchart

Businessman points on flipchart

This Vector Illustration of a Business man pointing a flipchart is offered at Thinkstock, which is another great website to look for Vectors. This illustration can be used to draw the user’s attention to a particular point in your blog or website. The upbeat personality of the Vector Character can make your website appear positive.

19.  African Animals – Illustration

African Animals - Illustration

Here’s a riotous gang of animals to make your website or blog standout from the rest. These African Animals illustrations can also be used as mascots for your products. There are more such googly eyed characters offered at iStock. So don’t forget to check out the other as well.

20.  Jump with Joy

Jump with Joy (Girl)

This is a really energetic illustration of a small girl jumping ecstatically. Such joyful Vector Characters can add a positive feel to your designs. There’s also a jumping boy in the same illustration style offered at iStock.

All the illustrations mentioned in this list are Vectors and can be easily edited to suit your designs and content. So go ahead and download your favorite Vector Characters and turn your designs in to exciting ones instantly.

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