Top 15 Stock Vectors for T-shirt Design

List of top 15 Stock Vector for T-shirt Designs.

If you are a t-shirt designer looking for some awesome new designs for your next print, this list, in collaboration with SignSilo, is sure to inspire you and your creative flow. And after you've picked your favourite design, check out our article on the best Adobe Illustrator Alternatives for editing your new vector graphics!

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You can check out even more awesome t-shirt designs, directly from SignSilo with our handy search bar below!

So, lets check out these awesome T-shirt Designs, contributed by artists from all over the globe!

1. The Winged Screaming Mouth

A Cartoon style open mouth with wings on a cream background

With its bright reds reflecting on a faded gold background, this funky modern pop graphic is fun and creative and sure to pull smiles to whomever is wearing it!

2. Colour Separated Flowers

Colour separated flowers on a white background

Next up we have these stunning colour separated flowers, printed on to white would make these stand out best, however these beautiful flowers could be printed on any colour, making for a lovely print that would look fresh in every season!

3. Sailor Lion

Anthropomorphic character with advice

Anthropomorphic characters (ascribing human characteristics to non-human things such as animals) – have surged in popularity over the last few years, as have t-shirts with witty advice. Is there a more perfect way to make relatable advice than in a fun way such as this?


4. Summer Palm's

Green silhouette of palm tree's over a golden ocean

What better way to invite in the change of seasons, swapping out the dreary cold of winter for the warming of summer than with this awesome vector design!
Ready for your own personalised text, these palm tree's with an ocean in the background are sure to get heads turning!

5. I Love You

Love heart on red background with the text 'I love you'

This cute graphic is perfect for a white t-shirt or tank top. With its retro theming and stylised text, it would make for an awesome top for all those love birds out there to express their feelings!

6. Japanese Geisha

Japanese Geisha standing in front of sunset

Japanese culture has always been a fascinating subject, from the Samurai to the Geisha, this can make for some absolutely beautiful art. Take this Geisha, with her dagger behind her back as the sun sets in front of her. This would make for a unique, yet fashionable t-shirt!


7. Freedom

Stylised text of the word Freedom

Another thing that has been reoccurring a lot is stylised text such as this awesome graphic. With the word Freedom strewn across your chest, people won't be in doubt about who controls your destiny!

8. Vintage Wolf

A vintage style monochrome image of a wolf with wings in the background

Vintage designs have been in fashion since before it could be called vintage. And with designs like this beautiful wolf, who could turn it down.

9. Vector Warrior

A vintage comic style fantasy character in armour


Vintage comic and graphic novel stylisations have had a resurgence in recent years, with wide adoption in mainstream films and graphic art. This human-ish, futuristic warrior conveys the eye-catching power and the intriguing feeling that makes for an awesome t-shirt design!

10. The Red Tree

A tree silhouette on a dark red background


This red silhouette of a tree at sunset is a beautiful representation of rebirth, nature and life, added this on to your white t-shirts is sure to leave a bold statement!
The perfect design to add to your red or orange coloured shirts, this silhouetted tree is perfect for the fashion conscious that loves nature!

11. Comedy Statement!Stylised text of a funny statement

Comedy is a great way to bring a smile to peoples faces and what better way to get comedy across than on a t-shirt? Funny sayings and quotes are found through-out the fashion kingdom and this worn looking picket sign is sure to get a lot of laughs!

12. Japanese Styled Winged Lion

A Japanese style winged dragon standing in-front of the sun

Mythological creatures have always made fantastic designs, not only for clothing, but also tattoo's, paintings and through-out modern culture in general. This winged lion proudly standing in front of a Japanese styled sunset is the perfect embodiment of pride, strength and courage and would make for an awesome t-shirt!

13. Pegasus

An outlining of Pegasus on a white background

Sticking to the theme of mythology, this simple, yet beautiful outlining of Pegasus, Hercules' winged divine stallion would look great either over the chest or upper back. Representing help and friendship, This gorgeous Pegasus graphic would make a great companion in your clothing collection!

14. Ganesha, Lord of Wisdom

A representation of Gaesha on a deep blue background

Leaving mythology for a theme of spirituality, Ganesha, the Lord of Wisdom in Hinduism, is known as the remover of obstacles, the patron of the arts and sciences and the deity of intellect and wisdom.

15. Vector Skull Design

A stylised hand drawn decorated skull with flora, angels and a crown

This list wouldn't be complete without something slightly darker, such as this decorated skull. Surrounded by flora and angels and topped off with a crown, this awesome skull design will turn heads in every direction. Try it on different coloured shirts for a variety of great-looking t-shirts

And that was our picks for the top 15 Vector Designs for T-shirts. I'm sure you're already browsing through the SignSilo library for the perfect design to include in your next print run, but just in case, feel free to use the handy search bar below to find exactly what you're looking for. And take a look at our handy Top Adobe Illustrator Alternatives article to find some great software to edit your vector files perfectly!

Stay tuned to VectorGuru for even more amazing articles dedicated to t-shirt designing!

Happy Printing!

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