Top 15 Stock Vector For Tshirt Designs


If are a Tshirt designer and have been looking for some awesome designs for your Tshirts, this list of Top 15 Stock Vector for Tshirt Designs is just where your search ends. This collection of high quality Vectors for Tshirt Designs are professional qualityT-Shirt Vector Art that are offered by top Vector Stock Websites from around the world.

These Vectors are finished and print ready and can be used directly in your designs unless you need to change the colors to suit your requirement.

Alongside these Designs are some tips to help you choose the right color of Tees for each design. And also guidelines on the size and placement of the graphic for optimum results are provided. So let’s check these awe-inspiringT-Shirt Design Vector Art contributed by professional designers from around the world.

List of top 15 Stock Vector for Tshirt Designs.

1.  Rock On

Rock-On tshirt design

This loud graphic is offered by Despositphotos, a renowned stock Vector website. The grunge style Illustration is created for Rock Music enthusiasts and would look best on Black and Grey. The graphic could be printed in the front center of the Tshirt in a standard size of 12 inches x 12 inches.

2. Rock Hands

Rock-hands tshirt design

This Vector too could adorn a Rock music lovers Tshirt and is another cool depiction of rock music revolution offered by Depositphotos.

‘Rock hands’ would look awesome on a black TShirt, but you may print this on a dark green color for a different effect. This design would rock if printed on standard size of 10 to 12 inches in width, on the chest if a short sleeved Tshirt.

3. Retro Design “Punks Not Dead”

Retro design Punk Not Dead

Hard core fans of Punk rock or not, people love to wear punks not dead Tees. These designs have been a favorite among the youth either to profess their love for the Punk Rock movement or to flaunt a cool attitude. This vector design can be printed in the front of your short sleeved Tshirt in a standard size of 12 inches. You may have this on most colored blank Tshirt. Go with Beige, Dark Green, Dark Red or even shades of Gray for super cool results.

4. Dirt Jumping

Dirt jumping

Depositphotos offers this action packed Vector for Tshirt Design. This Dirt Jumping Vector Illustration can add sporty and lively feel to a Tshirt. Print this in a standard size or a little less width of 7 inches for a different effect. Use this vector Illustration on any blank white, black or grey tshirt, though this design may go with several basic colors as well.

5. Vector T-shirt Design

Vector t-shirt design

Shutterstock is another leading vector and image stock website that offers high quality vectors. This bright red eagle can be a unique vector for Tshirt Designs that can adorn your Tshirt. Since this Illustration is non-symmetrical it may look unbalanced if placed in the center of the Tshirt. The artwork can be reduced to a width of 7 inches and can be printed around 3 inches below the left shoulder.

6. Angry Primates

Angry primates

The Angry Primates vector offered at Shutterstock is one of those wicked vectors for Tshirt Designs which makes a strong impression and cannot be easily forgotten. Have this one less than standard size of 8 inches width and have it printed horizontally center and 5 inches below the collar vertically. Get your Angry Primates printed on white, black or grey Tshirts for maximum impact.

7. Last Wolfhican

Last wolfhican

Wouldn’t this wicked wolf with Indian feathers would make an awesome Tshirt Design? The snarling wolf with an axe and blood splatter in its background would definitely make heads turn if it were on a Tshirt. You can print it in a width of 8 inches on a light gray or white Tshirts. Print it around 5 inches from the collar of the Tshirt.

8. King Rat

King rat

This merciless looking rat is an awesome vector for your Tshirt Design. You can print this on Tshirts which are white, black, grey and even on colored ones like beige and golden.

9. Creepy Biker

Creepy biker

Creepy biker popping a wheely is another unique vector for Tshirt Design offered at Shutterstock. You may print this with a width of 8 inches just around 5 inches below the collar. This Tshirt design would look awesome on plain white or gray Tshirts. Try this on blue or yellow tees for teens.

10. Retro Motorcyle Design T-shirt

retro motorcyle design t-shirt

This design makes it to the list for its simplicity. Need I say about the placement of the graphic on the Tshirt? Well, the choice of the Tshirt color can be other than red shown in the template. You can have this printed on a bright blue Tshirt or even a dark brown.

11. Ocean Octopus

Ocean octopus

Fotolia is a trusted stock website for its high quality vectors and images. This single colored octopus can make a fine vector for Tshirt designs. You can be extremely creative in the way you would want this printed on your tee. Try placing it above the bottom hem of the Tshirt. You can blow the size up till the tentacles around 12 inches from the top. This graphic would go with any color tshirts. You can print this on short sleeved, straight fit ones and also on the regular sleeved bloated tees.

12. Japanese Emblem

japanese emblem

This is another very unusual Japanese vector for Tshirt design at Ingimage, a reliable stock image website. This Design would look magical on navy blue and bright blue colored Tshirts. Print it 8 inches wide around 5 inches below the collar.

13. Vector Music Frame

vector music frame tshirt design

This is a simple Tshirt design offered at Ingimage. You can get this single color graphic printed on golden, bright red, green and blue Tshirts. You can print this in a width of about 8 inches and place it 5 inches below the collar.

14. Do What You Love

Do What You Love

This is another thoughtful message that could make its way on Tshirt.  You can have this in a standard size of 12 inches or a reduced 8 inch, placed around 5 inches from the collar. Print this on Tshirts in dark blue, or even dark or light gray but along with the blue square.

15. Peace-Love-Music

Peace-Love-Music in Rasta Colors

Bigstock brings you this amazing graphic in pure Rasta colors for your Tshirts. Print this on black, shades of gray or white as printing this on neutral colored Tshirts would bring out the colors in the graphic. This is a strong message and can be printed in standard size of width of 8 or 12 inches and placed 4 inches from the collar.

So this brings us to the end of this mind blowing list of great vector for Tshirt Designs.  I guess you are already onto buying some of these for your next print runs. We shall have more important stuff for exclusively for Tshirt designers soon. So don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletters. Rock on!

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