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We are back with another article in our top 10 series where we discuss top 10 Vector Infographics. We shall reveal a list of top 10 infographics, some of which could be a part of every Designers kit. Incase you do not know what an Infographic is, and how can it be of any use to us, lets first discuss this subject at length.

What is an infographic?

An Infographic is a graphical representation of any information, idea or a concept that may educate a person on a topic or subject. Through infographics a person may clearly and more precisely understand any information, data or correlation between different entities with minimal or no use of textual matter at all.

Visual representation of data, even termed as data visualization helps a learner or user understand complex and abstract ideas through graphs, maps and charts. For instance, don’t you think it would be impossible to visualize or comprehend where we are located in relation to other countries in the world. Just imagine how easy it is to understand a pie chart or a bar diagram to understand comparison of data rather than some mind boggling numbers.

Why Vector Infographics?

Infographics often need to be modified based on what needs to be shown and your specific design requirements. You may choose to include parts of an infographic or may want to lay them out differently to elucidate the content you have. Vector graphics unlike raster can be modified extensively. The colors shapes and their dimensions can be changed without affecting the quality of the graphic.

So if you want to customize the downloaded infographic, choosing Vector ones would help you fulfill your design project needs.

List of top Vector Infographics

Lets dive into this awesome list of top Vector Infographics from most trusted and reliable stock websites.

1. Infographic Elements 01

Infographic Elements 01

This Vector Infographic is offered by Fotolia, a stock image website which offers high quality vectors. This Vector Infographic has generic icons and shapes that may be used in various artwork.

The colors used are bright and loud and would help draw attention to your infographic. It has wonderful  pie chart,  bar diagram, a pyramid and a world map with markers as well. There’s also a tree diagram with labels that may be used in your customized infographic.

2. infographic vector technology computer set

infographic vector technology computer set

Shutterstock offers this amazing technology infographics Vector which is simple and beautiful. This infographic consists of various output devices such as a desktop monitor, tablet and smartphones. This can be essential to a web designer who may be designing websites for various devices. It also contains an upload to cloud icon which is an evolving technology.

Moreover there is a line art of a person uploading data to a cloud environment using a computer. Since this is a vector you  may modify this graphic to suit your requirement.

3. Vector world infographics set

Vector world infographics set.

This is an awesome 3 dimensional infographic offered at Dreamstime, a leading stock image and vector agency. Most shapes within this graphic are 3D including the world map and people icons. Glow and gloss has been added to the graphics which adds to the exquisiteness. Additionally, there are two globes and pie diagrams which may be altered to match your design needs.

4. Infographics Set

Infographics Set

This versatile Vector infographic is offered at iStockphoto which is known for its high quality Vectors and Images. Assets or graphics provided in this Infographic can be used in various projects. It has technology graphics such as smartphone, tablet devices and desktop monitors. Plus, a world map and four globes showing different continents. Besides these are pie diagrams, pyramids and a histogram in 3D along with other Vectors such as labels, callouts and flags.

5. Infographic Elements Set and Icons

Infographic Elements Set and Icons

Another creative Vector Infographic from iStockphoto. This Vector artwork consists of graphics in vivid colors and interesting shapes. The graphics include chemical laboratory apparatus such as beakers, burners and test tubes with bright green and orange liquid. One of the flasks contains a small sapling too. Furthermore, there are other items like a bulb, a CFL bulb and a battery. Along with the usual world map that is found in most infographics, there is also a USA map with various states mapped out.

Though you may decide that most of the assets in this infographic may not be useful, with some creativity you may put these graphics to use and communicate your ideas in a different manner.

6. Flight infographics

Flight infographics

Flight infographics is provided at Bigstock, a prominent stock image website. You can see that this infographic would be useful when used in Air Travel related designs and websites. You’ll find planes along trajectories, callouts and weather icons that may be used in our project.

7. Medical and healthcare infographics

Medical and healthcare infographics

If you have content related to medical or healthcare you may find this Infographic from Depositphotos extremely useful. The graphics in the Vector has human organ shapes, a heart shaped icon, a dna strand graphic as well as a syringe graphic. There’s also a man and woman vector besides the world map, other bar diagrams and a pie chart which may be used in your design.

8. Illustration – energy infographic vector

Illustration - energy infographic vector

123rf is a popular stock vector and image website which offers rich Vector graphics. The Energy infographics offered by 123rf could be used in designs related to energy consumption, sustainability or an eco friendly product. Most of the design monochrome though some parts like the labels, bar diagrams are in color.

9. Illustration – infographic spots icons set

Illustration - infographic spots icons set

You will find this Vector Infographic from 123rf absolutely useful. This sports infographic can be used in artwork related to sports. The central sillhoutte of a man at the winning post comprises of several small icons related to different sports. Most of the sports icons here can be put to use in our artwork with a little creative thought.

10. Illustration of Travel Infographic Chart

illustration of Travel Infographic Chart

This is another travel Vector Infographic provided by 123rf. A mixed graphic style has been used across all icons and assets. The sillhoutte and the paper cut style is what grabs your attention instantly. There are also very detailed icons of an airplane, baggage and a beach chair with an attractive umbrella too. You will also find the simple plane, cruise and the bus icon to be useful while showing modes of transport to a particular location.

With this we come to the end of our list of top 10 Vector Infographics.

Let me remind you that since these Infographics are in a Vector format you may edit and modify the colors and shapes to suit your design needs.

I hope these vector infographic elements make their way into your projects. We shall have more such stuff from our ‘top 10 series’ soon. You may subscribe to our newsletter to keep posted.

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