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Iconsolid.com review

Icons are graphic representations of abstract concepts and simplify human interaction with computer systems. They may represent an action, function or provide access to an information system. Icons play a central role in UI design and development. If you are a developer you’ll agree that Icons are not merely used to embellish ones design, but form a critical part of the UI. It is the interface through which the user interacts with an application.

Role of Icons in web development.IconSolid Example

Modern day web development involves designing web applications to be used across multiple devices. These applications may run on diverse platforms and different screen resolutions. In situations like these icons are like lifesavers to UI designers and developers. The space on hand can be utilized to its maximum potential and complex systems can be made user friendly without compromising the functionality of the web application. Good icon designs are easily recognizable as they accurately represent the purpose and intent. So, there is less mental effort on the part of the user when they interact with the system. So choosing the right quality of icons is imperative for your projects. Iconsolid.com review would look into several aspects regarding the quality, pricing and other features which may be helpful to designers and developers to evaluate Iconsolid for their future projects. With our review we seek to explore Iconsolid in depth so that you can take an informed decision while purchasing icons from Iconsolid.

IconSolid.com Review for Icons

In the Iconsolid.com review we shall review the quality, pricing, licensing and other value additions that would matter to a designer or a developer.

IconSolid Overview

Iconsolid.com  is a website that sells premium icons that are ready to be used in websites and applications. Iconsolid.com specializes in icon design, and as the name suggests they sell nothing but icons. So the icons here are of the highest quality and come with other benefits for designers and developers who would want to integrate it into their project.

IconSolid Specifics

Freshly launched at the beginning of the year and solely dedicated to icon design. Iconsolid offers Icons in 14 different categories as outlined below

  • Communication
  • Business
  • Arrow
  • E-commerce
  • Hardware
  • Interface
  • Multimedia
  • Objects
  • People
  • Place
  • Security
  • SEO icons
  • Social Weather

Icons are created using the grid view and are offered in several sizes and file formats.

The 9 different file typesoffered with each download are as follows. File Format

  • EPS – Encapsulated Postscript
  • AI – Adobe Illustrator file
  • SVG – Scalable Vector Graphics
  • EOT – Open type font
  • TTF – True Type Font
  • WOFF – Web Open Font Format
  • PNG – Portable Network Graphics (Raster Format)
  • PSD – Photoshop Document
  • CSH – Photoshop Custom Shapes file

All icons are offered in 10 different sizes.

Sizes Icons

  • 24×24
  • 30×30
  • 32×32
  • 36×36
  • 48×48
  • 60×60
  • 64×64
  • 128×128
  • 256×256
  • 512×512

Besides the varied sizes and file formats offered, the icons are iOs and Android ready, making it easier for developers to integrate them into their application. Clear licensing terms make it ideal for theme developers to use it in projects and distribute the themes as well without worrying.

IconSolid.com buying options

Iconsolid offers 2 different buying option to its users. You may choose the plan that suits your requirement.

Royalty Free License


Cost: $39

Particulars: This is a standard license offered by Iconsolid and can be used across multiple projects which could be commercial and personal in nature. No additional licenses are required for additional use.

Developer License


Cost: $49

Particulars: Icons purchased under this license can be added to applications, software and distributable website themes. This is ideal for application and theme developers, like Wordpress developers who distribute or sell their applications and themes to numerous buyers. This basic developer license covers 3 licenses.

There also a professional license for 4 to 7 license which can be purchased at a reasonable price of $89. With these licenses you get the freedom to alter, resize or crop the graphic as needed. You also don’t need to give credit to the authors and can share the icons with upto five users within your organization. With all these added benefits, you’ll agree that the price is a really reasonable. And wouldn’t it be awesome if you get an additional discount on this deal.

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I hope you make the most of this deal on your purchases at Iconsolid. We also have another surprise; 100 free Icons from Iconsolid waiting to be downloaded right now. So getting back to the review, let’s sum up the Iconsolid review by weighing the pros and cons.

IconSolid.com pros

  1. The icons designed, accurately represent the task they are designed for
  2. IconSolid  offers 1075 icons in one bundle across 14 essential categories
  3. You can use icons for unlimited projects with one license
  4. Icons can be edited to suit the project requirement
  5. No need to give credit to the author
  6. The icons are immaculately created with 100% pixel perfect grid view
  7. The icon set package includes 9 file type
  8. Icons are offered in font types and can be used with CSS in websites and applications
  9. Icons are ready to be added to iOS andAndroid
  10. Extremely useful for application and Wordpress theme developers

IconSolid.com cons

  1. You may share icons with only up to 5 users within your organization
  2. You have to purchase a new license to share the icons with more than 5 users.

Iconsolid.com Review Summary

Iconsolid 10% rebate codeUndoubtedly, the icons offered at the Iconsolid are an awesome deal and could save designers and developers precious minutes. Honestly the disadvantages are insignificant compared to the pros offered by Iconsolid.com. So Iconsolid is a great place to buy icons indeed. Remember to use the exclusive rebate code to get the additional 10% Off and don’t forget to get your hands on the 100 free Icons as well. I hope this thorough review helps you to evaluate Iconsolid for your future project requirement. Subscribe to our newsletter and visit again for more insights, freebies and goodies.

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