5 Resources for Facebook Vector Logo

5 resources for Facebook Vector Logo

The Facebook community has grown to a massive 1000 million users, and businesses worldwide have flourished by finding new users and markets on Facebook. They have also built a strong customer loyalty by engaging them on this great social network.

Research reveals that 51% of users, who have liked your product or service on Facebook, may buy it in the future and are more likely to recommend it to others.

Now wouldn't it be great, if every visitor to your site clicked the Facebook vector logo to engage with you on this social networking superpower?

So help yourself to some awesome Facebook vector logo offered by 5 great websites listed here.

Remember to select vectors from the image type while searching for your logos.

5 Top Facebook Vector Logo Ressources

1. Dreamstime

dreamstime facebook vector logo

Dreamstime has a great collection of Facebook vector logos. Most of these are really innovative and hard to find anywhere across the web. There are vector backgrounds with Facebook and like buttons which can be used for your Facebook pages.

2. Bigstockphoto


This is another site which has a huge compilation of vectors. The Facebook logos here are exceptionally good. Some Facebook Logo Vector Art are a part of an icon set but can be extracted easily with the help of a vector application.

3. Depositphotos


You will find some fairly uniqueFacebook Logo EPS here on Depositphotos which has a vast collection of quality vectors. Here too, there are some awesome ones which are available as a part of an icon set.

4. Thinkstockphotos


You will be amazed by the collection here, because Thinkstockphotos has partnered with Getty images, istockphoto and other popular image websites to bring you the best vectors.

5. 123rf


You will love the logos that are available here, though their collection of Facebook vector logo is not as large as the other sites. But the quality and the uniqueness of the artwork is something that will absolutely blow your mind.

Facebook Vector Logo Conclusion

Now, if you've chosen your Facebook vector, remember that these can be easily modified to your liking. By putting a bit of an effort to make your Facebook logo clickable, you can earn yourself a big fan base over a period of time.

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