10 Best Vector Patterns

10 Best Vector Patterns

Can’t wait to share this list of Truly Amazing, 10 Best Vector Patterns with you today. What’s great about these patterns are that they are completely seamless. What this means is, they can tile seamlessly without breaking the design pattern within them. So you don’t have to worry about fitting them on different background sizes. You will have to simply create copies and place them vertically and horizontally besides the existing one. We even have added some free seamless vector patterns.

Moreover, these are all in Vector which makes them completely editable. So you can color these, alter the shapes within the pattern or scale them to suit your design if required.

So without further ado let’s look at the 10 Best Vector Patterns right away!

1. Seamless Free Wave Pattern.

Seamless free wave pattern pattern

If you’re on the lookout for a pattern to use as a website background, this is could be an ideal one for you. This Seamless Free Wave Pattern is a subtle pattern which does not draw too much attention to itself and would let the user focus on the content rather than the background. But with the beautiful line work on a light beige background does not the leave the pattern completely unnoticed. This pattern is ideal for apparels too if you’re looking for light patterns for summer dresses.

2. Vector Seamless Pattern, Floral

Vector seamless pattern floral

This is another great pattern from Shutterstock. This nature enthused pattern has wonderful leaves along a twine, which when tiled looks like a creeper. The colors are almost neutral and since the shapes are vertically placed, the pattern may lend a balanced look to your design. The grey translucent shape behind the darker shape adds another dimension to the pattern making it appear 3 dimensional.

3. Seamless Zigzag (Chevron) Pattern

Seamless Zigzag (Chevron) Pattern

This seamless Retro styled Zigzag pattern can be downloaded from iStockphoto, one of the leading stock images websites in the world. The pastel colors used in this pattern give it a pleasant appearance. This is ideal for Retro styled website designs or advertisements. You may use this pattern with other elements created using soft color pallets.

4. Seamless Vintage Pattern With Red Roses

Seamless Vintage Pattern With Red Roses

The red roses in this pattern would surely juice up your designs with its bold exciting colors. This vector pattern is a vintage styled Vector Pattern with bright velvet roses. The red roses look striking against the beige colored leaves. You can use this in apparel designs and for websites to give rich and classy look to your designs.

5. Seamless Pattern With Grey Dotted Lines

Seamless Pattern With Grey Dotted Lines

Fotolia is another great stock image website which offers high quality stock vectors. This geometric pattern created using soft pastel colors can be used as a background for websites and blogs. The grey dotted lines running diagonal along the diamond shapes makes the pattern appear stitched giving it a very authentic feel.

6. Vector Seamless Pattern With Bicycles

Vector Seamless Pattern With Bicycles

This cycle pattern will definitely make your design appear more dynamic and lively. It can be used as a background for retro styled posters or websites. The colors are very unique hues which may be found in only retro design styles. If you like the idea of having cycles as pattern but don’t like the colors very much, let me remind you that they are Vectors, which makes them completely editable. So go on and change the colors to your liking.

7. Seamless Green Pattern In Vector

Seamless Green Pattern In Vector

Green symbolizes fertility, growth and harmony and is also associated with wealth and safety. As a designer you may find this to be one of the most commonly used colors. Use this Green leafy vector pattern to add a dash of freshness to your designs.

8. INNOVATION. Seamless Vector Pattern With Word Cloud

INNOVATION. Seamless Vector Pattern With Word Cloud

This is another awesome pattern offered at Bigstock. It’s a very creative typographic pattern of a word cloud which unbelievably tiles without breaking a single word. This background would be ideal to use for websites and blogs related to business, technology and marketing. These typographic patterns are very rare but Bigstock has an amazing collection of these.

9. Trees Pattern

Trees Pattern

This tree pattern with beautiful birds perched on the branches would definitely add more life to your designs. Consumers tend to relate to designs with living things and are able to trust services and products which are shown along with them more. These birds will make your design chirpy and exciting. If you find the pattern too cluttered, you may reduce the number of birds easily as this is pattern is offered in a vector format too.

10. Romantic Flowers Vector Pattern

Romantic Flowers Vector Pattern

This pattern is truly and deeply romantic, created using pink color shades with traces of beige as well. The design is very intricate with abstract flowers and leaves overlapping each other to form a 3 dimensional wonderful composition of fluid forms. This one sneaks into the list of 10 Best Vector Patterns because of its uniqueness.

Even though we are past 10 Best Vector Patterns I couldn’t help but add another one.

11. Vintage Paisley Seamless Vector Pattern Set

Vintage Paisley Seamless Vector Pattern Set

This list of Vector Patterns would be incomplete without a paisley design pattern. This absolutely seamless vintage paisley design pattern is an extremely intricate design with fine detailing. The beige design on a light background makes it a very versatile background which can suit most type of designs. Paisleys never run out of fashion and can be downloaded to use in apparel design too.

Tip: A small advice if you want to alter the Vector Pattern you download. If you want to alter the shape of the pattern, make sure you do it without affecting the shapes at the edges or the pattern may not tile seamlessly.

I would love to know your favorite from the list above or if you have any other ones on your mind. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletters as we frequently post some awesome articles purely on Vectors. I hope you liked this list of 10 Best Vector Patterns and make the most of it by downloading some. Enjoy!

Images © Dan Race – Fotolia.com

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