Fotolia Review

Over the years Vector Formats have gained immense popularity due its advantages  over Raster graphics. Along with the internet industry, the print and clothing industry too has pushed the demand for high quality Vector graphics. But compared to the stock photo industry, there seems to be a dearth of agencies offering rich Vector Illustrations and Graphics.

In our search for viable options for high quality Vectors, we shall be reviewing some of the top stock Vector and Image websites. We shall help you choose from the best places to download Vectors online.

Our Fotolia review is exclusively for Vector buyers. We shall dig deep into Fotolias features that may be helpful to Vector buyers – small and big companies and individual designers. Additionally we shall also scrutinize to see if there are any drawbacks by purchasing at Fotolia. So if you’re a Vector buyer, this Fotolia review will undoubtedly throw light on some major aspects that may help you learn more about the options that you get as a buyer.

Fotolia Review

Read the Fotolia Review to make an informed buying decision or just to explore more about Fotolia

Fotolia Overview:

  • Vectors offered from $3.75 onwards.
  • All Vector Illustrations sold here are royalty free.
  • Extended Licenses are offered as well.
  • Buy with Credits or a Subscription plan.
  • Payment methods are VISA, Mastercard, Diners Club, VISA, JCB and American Express, Click & Buy and Paypal . You can also pay via Wire Transfer or Check.
  • Offers Vectors in 2 main formats – AI, EPS. Some files are offered in SVG format too.

Fotolia Particulars

  • Founded in New York City in 2005.
  • Serves globally across 23 regions in 15 languages.
  • Remarkable search options for quick and accurate search results.
  • Sensible Categorization of Vectors and Images for better search assistance.

Fotolia Buying Options

Fotolia is among the few websites that cater to small as well as big buyers. At Fotolia, there are two ways to purchase Vectors at Fotolia. Read on to see if either suits your type of purchase.

Buy with Credits:

There are several advantages in using the Credit system to download Vectors.

  • This is the right option for you, if you’re an occasional buyer
  • You can buy the lowest credit pack if you’re going to purchase once.
  • Purchased credits are valid for a year.
  • Super savings on bulk credit purchase, if you’re looking for huge benefits in a short term projects.

Fotolia - Buy with Credits

Buy with Subscription:

The subscription payment model is another great option. Moreover there are two categories within the subscription option as well so that buyers benefit in all conditions.

  • You will benefit most from this subscription purchase method if you are a regular Vector buyer.
  • Most suitable for big and medium scale design studios and companies.
  • Daily and Monthly quota subscription options.
  • Daily downloads with limits from 25 downloads to 500 downloads per day.
  • Options for single and multi users.
  • Monthly quota offered if you don’t have a daily download requirement.
  • With the Monthly quota subscription plan your downloads never expire if the subscription is renewed.
  • Maximum savings with big image packs.  There’s also an offer with up to 84% savings on bulk subscription purchase.

Fotolia - Subscription-Pricing-Daily-Quota

Fotolia - Subscription-Pricing-Monthly-Quota

Licensing Options

  • All Vectors come with a royalty free license.
  • Extended licenses are offered too, with some for even as low as $10.

Fotolia Pros

  • Huge Collection of Vectors with global appeal.
  • Caters to big, small and individual buyers alike.
  • Reasonably priced Vectors with royalty and extended licenses.
  • Offers wire transfers and check as a payment mode for convenience.
  • You can purchase as low as 10 credits to begin downloading.
  • Has one of the best image searching tools and options.

Fotolia Cons

  • No Vectors in Free Images offered by Fotolia. So you may not get to test the quality of Vectors from Fotolia unless you buy them.
  • Does not have single file buying option though the lowest credit purchase of $10 makes up for it.

Image Searching options

  • You can search from ‘Best sellers’, ‘Newest uploads’ and well sorted categories with the basic search options found in the primary navigation.
  • If you’re keen to use advance search features, you may type your search term in the search bar and choose Vectors from the dropdown to the right of the search bar.
  • The advance search options in the inner pages offer a numerous filters to narrow your search. Some of the useful filters are discussed below.
  • You can choose file based on how recently it was uploaded. This ranges from a week to two years.
  • You can choose from two main category types- Descriptive and Conceptual.
  • Choose by color with a color slider to pick the color of the Vector you are looking for.

Fotolia Winning points

  • One of the largest collection of Vectors in all categories.
  • Innovative search tools and filters for quick and precise searches.
  • Easy buying options to satisfy all kinds of buyers.
  • Complete user friendly experience.

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