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How can I convert an Image into a Vector

Today we are going to see 4 amazing applications to convert an Image into a Vector. Vector images offer several advantages over bitmap images. You can learn more abour Vectors and Rasters in detail in an earlier post titled ‘what is vector art’. If you have a bitmap image, you may want to convert it in to a vector format before using it so that you can leverage the benefits of Vector graphics. So let us discuss how to convert an Image into a Vector.

Before we begin lets outline the popular file formats for Images and Vectors, so that we understand where we are in the process and what results to expect.

Popular Image or Raster formats:

  • JPG or JPG with an extension of .jpeg or .jpg
  • PNG files with an extension of .png
  • GIF with an extension of .gif
  • TIFF with an extension of .tiff

Popular Vector formats which are not application specific and can be accessed or opened within different applications.

  • EPS files with an extension of .eps
  • PDF with an extension of .pdf
  • SVG with .svg

There are basically two ways to go about it, depending on whether you want to do this online, or prefer dong it on your desktop using an application that is already installed. So let’s dig into both these techniques today and use couple of online and offline application to get our job done.

Using online resources to convert an Image into a Vector.

There are plenty of websites offering online Image to Vector conversion services. Let’s learn about two most popular ones. It’s very easy to convert to vector files.



Vectormagic has an online and a desktop version. Let’s look in to the online one.

Trace your bitmaps with Vector Magic


  1. Click on Upload Image to Trace
  2. Browse and Select the image
  3. Improve results by using the option in the right panel
  4. Click the Download Result button in the top right of the  window
  5. Here you may have to register your Email
  6. Receive a code in your Inbox
  7. Insert the code in the space given
  8. Choose enable download
  9. Select a vector format from EPS, SVG or PDF
  10. Save your Vector file

Vectormagic offers first 2 image conversions for free. If you need the service often, you may want to see their pricing.

More Vector Convert Services:



Autotrace offers free Image to Vector conversion.


  1. Click Choose File in the Upload a File section of the page
  2. Browse and select the Image
  3. Select Output Format (you may choose from SVG, EPS or PDF)
  4. Click on send file
  5. Find your result file at the top, below the main menu
  6. Right-click and choose Save link as…
  7. Save your Vector file

Though Autotrace does not offer advance editing features to refine your results. It does a good job for a free software.

Using offline applications, Illustrator and CorelDraw to convert an Image into a Vector

With following vector convert software, it’s very easy to convert a image to vector. Check out the 3 most used vector convertion software now:

Using Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Illustrator is a powerful Vector Graphics Application for creating and editing vectors. Within Illustrator, you”ll find an absolutely useful tool which can convert raster to vector in a jiffy. Let’s see how easy it is to use this vector convert.

Instructions – Convert to Vector

  1. Open the image in Illustrator by going to File Menu, choose Open, select the Image you want to convert and click Open. The image opens as a new file in Illustrator
  2. Select the Image by Clicking on it.
  3. Click on Live Trace. This is found in the Control Panel, below the Application Bar. Your image is now converted to Vector
  4. You may save it as an EPS file or an AI file so that it can be edited later if required.

(The default result is black and white vector which may be disappointing, but you may choose the quality of resulting vector)

Choose from Preset Select Menu, which is found on the left side in the Control Panel. If you want the result to be closer to the original Raster Image. Choose ‘Photo High Fidelity’. To further enhance your result you may click open the ‘Tracing Options Dialog’ by clicking on the small icon besides it.

Using CorelDRAW for Vector Convert


CorelDRAW an extremely popular Vector Graphics Tool can convert a Raster Image in to a Vector one in a matter of seconds.

Instructions – Convert Image to Vector with Corel Draw

  1. Import the Image in a New File by going to the File Menu, choose Import, select Image and click Import button.
  2. Now place the image on the page by clicking.
  3.  In the Property bar click on Trace Bitmap  and choose Quick Trace.  The image has now been converted to Vector.
  4. You can now save your file in CDR format to be edited later. You may also export an EPS format from CorelDRAW by going to File Menu and choosing Export which open the Export Dialog. Choose EPS from the dropdown and hit the Export button.

Conclusion about, how to Convert an Image into a Vector

You can get different kinds of traced Vectors and can even further refine the quality of the resulting vector. Use the Power Trace option by selecting the other options available in the dropdown below Quick Trace.

Unlike other applications, the original Bitmap image has not been replaced with the new Vector one. You can move the newly traced image to reveal the Bitmap one behind it. You can now delete the Bitmap image by selecting and pressing delete on your keyboard.

I hope you find this information useful how do a vector convert. I would love to know if you did. You may subscribe to our newsletter so that we may keep you posted on some great stuff. Also let us know if you need to know more on any specific topic on vectors. We would love to help you out.

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  1. i want to know that how i can creat vector (cdr) from jpg. in original quality .for that please tell me,is there spacial software to creat images in to vector graphics .because i want to creat images for photo print designs.which should be clear quality so i request to u please reply .i will thank full to u for this kindness.

    • Vector Guru says:

      Hi Sushil,
      Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw have livetrace and quicktrace options to convert jpg’s to vector, with several options to fine tune the output. It is difficult to get a high quality vector with ease though in these softwares. There is a specialized software called Vector Magic with online and desktop versions offered, which can help you get high quality Vector output. Checkout You can also read our Vector Magic Review to learn more about the software in depth. Hope this helps you Sushil.

  2. vectormagic is better than illustrator and corel.

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