Gravit Designer Vector Editor Finally Has Native Apps! – It’s Still Free!

The guys over at have done it again, introducing version 3.1 of their award winning free vector editor Gravit Designer, introducing a myriad of new features and bug fixes to make your designing experience even smoother than it was before. Even better, Gravit Designer is now available via Apple's App Store (OSX 10.9.0 and above) and Chrome's App store too!

Gravit Designer is a great free vector editing software and one of our Top Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator. The newly launched version 3.1 and brand new native apps for macOS, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS alongside their Online App make it a serious vector editing program thats's worth checking out if you want to edit vector files for free!

So, What's New in this Vector Editor?

Well straight off the bat there has been an overhaul in the user interface, with both light and dark themes to choose from, working at night will no longer be a strain on your eyes, other changes include making the canvas area wider, improvements to the tooling to make Gravit Designer much more intuitive and user friendly, better pixel rendering and a brand new colour picker that will turn of the selection outline so that you can have a full visualisation while playing with your colours of choice.

With integration of into Gravit Designer 3.1, your now able to use Gravit Designer on almost any platform you can think of and with the new Gravit Cloud your files are always available and ready to be used, even better, your current account will work across all platforms too!

Integration with Polarr photo editor has allowed for a huge expansion in Gravit Designers abilities as an all in one designer, being the first software of its kind to include both vector and bitmap workflows without switching through various different apps, awesome huh?

Not forgetting, Gravit Designer has also partnered with Icons8 and Unsplash as marketplace resources to allow you to import their high-resolution content directly into your designs and with a folders concept very similar to googles, its as easy as creating a folder to upload your photos and create new designs.

Free Vector Editor Sounds Great, But What Can I Do With It?

Quite a lot of things actually, Gravit Designer 3.1 has every feature that you would expect from any design tool, including those from big names and big price tags.

Here is a quick run down of just some of Gravit Designers awesome features!

  • None Destructive Booleans
  • Knife Tools
  • Path Graphs
  • Powerful Grids
  • Anchors and Auto Layouts
  • Effects and Blending Modes
  • Text on Path
  • A Hand Crafted Text Engine
  • You Can Export As PDF, SVG, Images, Slices and Multiple Assets

The list could go on with this essential software for any graphic designers toolkit, Gravit Designer is definitely a piece of software you should check out!

Grab it here from The Gravit Designer Website!

Get it from the Apple App Store Here!

Or get it from the Chrome Web Store Here!

Try this Vector Editor with Free Vectors!

Looking for some free vectors to give Gravit Designer a test drive with? Check out VectorRain, with well over 4000 free vectors, there's something for everybody! If you want to know more about this awesome free vector service, take a look at our Vectorain review.

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