Where Can I Find Free Clipart?


I’m really excited to discuss some awesome websites to find Free Clipart. If you’re not a designer and are not sure what Clipart is, let first discuss that.

What is a Clipart?

Clip arts are illustrated images, usually symbols which are either hand drawn or created using image creation applications. These Illustrated images may be simple shapes, intricate symbols with details, simple line work or just shapes that can be used as bullets, page separators and borders as well. These may be in Bitmap or Vector formats. See our previous post on ‘Difference between Bitmap and Vector formats’ to learn more about these formats.

Where to use Clipart?

Clip art is frequently used word documents, presentations, brochures and even simple logos. It can save you precious time and effort when explaining a particular topic or subject. Moreover you will find tons of Free Clip Art that can help you save loads in your projects.

Lets look at some awesome websites for Free Clipart

7 Free Clipart websites.

 1. Openclipart


Openclipart has more than 43000 clipart, waiting to be downloaded. With more than 11000 artists contributing to this already massive collection you can be sure to find some worthy clip arts. There are broad categories like the ‘Most popular Clipart This Week’ and ‘This Months Top Downloads’ where some top Cliparts are shortlisted. A great website to download some useful Clipart.

 2. Clker


Clker has a huge collection of Clipart and is separated into two large categories of Raster and Vector Clipart. The categories defined on the home page have not been defined mainly on object types but on colors. You may use the search bar to get the listings under a particular name. Once on the result page, you may scroll down to and look into the subcategory for that particular listing.

 3. usf.edu


This website has over 66000 free clipart and a clean user interface void of all advertisements and any kind of endorsements. The Cliparts on this website are unique and beautiful, and are created almost in the same illustration style. All the free cliparts found on this website are black and white and are very detailed too. The Cliparts are wonderfully categorized making it easy for the users to find what they’re looking for.

 4. coolarchive


Coolarchive is another website with an entire section dedicated to Free Clipart. The collection is just over 1000 images but you may find some nice free Business Clip Art which are unique to this website. Categories are logically sorted . Free Cliparts are logically sorted into broad categories making it easier to find your favored clipart.

5. wpclipart


WPClipart has over 41000 unique and free clipart in several formats. This website does not have inappropriate images and is safe for school kids as well. Paul Sherman the owner of the website alone collects these cliparts and edits them before posting them for download to make sure it is free of inappropriate content.

6. artvex


Artvex has more than 10000 free Clipart sorted into categories and subcategories making your search efforts a breeze. Some categories and Cliparts found on this website are truly unique making this website a must visit if you’re looking for Free Clipart.

7. 1clipart


1Clipart has 300 categories with over 10000 Free Clipart. This website has a unique feature which hasn’t been found on any other Free Clip art website. It has an instant graphic editor in the header section, which is visible once you choose a Clipart. With the help of this editor you can crop, resize, adjust the color, brightness and also apply effects to the Clipart of your choice making it entirely unique. Isn’t that fabulous? You should definitely try this website for your free Clipart download.

Note: Please remember to check the respective websites terms and conditions before downloading and using the Clipart as it may have usage restrictions for different uses.

It’s been wonderful discussing these awesome websites for Free Clipart with you. I hope you enjoyed it too. Don’t forget to subscribe if your did, coz we constantly post great beneficial stuff purely on Vectors here.  Enjoy!

Images © Helder Almeida – Fotolia.com

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