Where Can I Download Free Vector Art?

Tight design budgets, killer deadlines and much feared creative blocks may leave you devastated – thats why we want to show you where you can download free vector art. But with great sites offering free vector art, you don't have much to worry about, do you? A lot of designers contribute some great vector artwork to websites that may offer these artworks for free. And every designer when faced with the harsh realities of the design world has resorted to help from these websites.

Now, if you are new to the concept of free vector art, this read will absolutely blow your mind. Let me outline 7 great sites where you can download free vector art!

7 Websites to Download Free Vector Art



The collection of free vectors on freevectorarchive.com is awe-inspiring. This site has some great navigation with an awesome filter which makes it easy to find the vector you're looking for.

Besides the category filter, you can choose from a variety of file formats to even the colors that you’re looking for in a vector.

2. freevector.com


Another fine resource for free vector art, here you’ll find amazing vectors where the effort of the designer is clearly visible in the artworks. A word of caution- the vectors available on this site have license restrictions and cannot be used for commercial use. You may download and use them for personal use only.

3. greatvectors.com


This website is a truly great resource for vectors as the name goes. There are scores of categories here with some of them that are hard to find on other sites. The Textures category here is a real treat as you get seamless tiles which can be used as backgrounds for your artwork. Most Vectors here are for personal use, though a bit of searching might help you find vector art that can be used for commercial projects as well.

4. all-free-download.com


The free vector artwork collection here is huge. You are sure to get what you’re looking for, as this website houses one of the biggest collections of design freebies online. Some fabulous vector artwork here, are entirely free with no usage restrictions. But unfortunately the real awesome ones may be available for non-commercial use only. Many designers come here to not only download freebies, but to get some great design inspiration as well.

5. vectorportal.com


This site houses some of the most outstanding free vectors online. Categories like Tribal, Beams & Bursts, and Word Clouds are completely unique to this website. Most of the vectors here are free for commercial use, but to be on the safer side of things, the website suggests you to get permission from the respective authors of the artwork. That’s fair enough, considering the quality of artwork available here.

Now 2 more websites to download free vector art at

6. vector4free.com


This is another great site dedicated to free vector artwork. But this site too has different licenses for different artwork. Remember to completely understand the type of license that comes along with your favorite artwork.

7. freepik.com


Another site with some really exclusive vectors for free. Some of the free vectors here of an outstanding quality which is rare in most of the free vector websites. But again, you’ll find the most awesome ones, are available for non-commercial and personal use only.

Now, to find what you’re looking for, that too for absolutely free is easier said than done. But a little patience and some luck might just get you there.

If you’re weary, going through the licenses and finding it impossible to get some good quality vectors, our post on ‘5 Advantages of Buying Stock Vectors' may reveal some awesome facts on buying stock vectors.

I would love to hear your experiences on free vector website. Please be sure to leave your comments and subscribe to our newsletters for some great updates. We hope you have found our list of websites for downloading free vector art useful.

Images © alphaspirit – Fotolia.com

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