Free Vector – Abstract Grass Illustration

Vectorguru is back with another freebie for all readers. Go on and download this Abstract Grass Illustration vector now!

This Abstract Illustration is created using rich green monochromatic colors. Green symbolizes growth, harmony, fertility and stability. Moreover it has a strong connection with safety and health. So you may use it in designs that need to convey such messages or emotions.

Thick Swirls seem to appear from the right edge of the canvas and spread towards the opposite edge and the center. Horizontally placed elements suggest calmness and tranquility, like the lines and twirls in this artwork. But the gradation in color and shapes adds a dash of dynamism to the artwork making it livelier. I hope you like our Abstract Grass Illustration.

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Free Vector – Abstract Grass Illustration

Description: A free vector illustration with abstract grass shapes colored in rich green shades.

Copyright by: Amos Struck /

License: Creative Commons Attribution / Please link back

Format: EPS File + .JPG (In a ZIP File)

Open in: Adobe Illustrator 10 and higher

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