5 Best Free Vector Backgrounds

5 Best Free Vector Backgrounds

Your designs need backgrounds to not only occupy the white-space in your artwork, but also to make it more appealing.

Looking for the right background to match your artwork can be a tedious task. At times a background needs to be bright and loud to grab the attention of the viewer. And sometimes it may just compliment the central artwork without drawing too much attention to itself.

The free vector backgrounds featured here are somewhat versatile and may be used across various designs and   projects. Moreover, these are vectors and can be modified to suit the design. Plus, they are absolutely free.

5 Free Vector Backgrounds List

Beige Vector Pattern



Download source

As you can see, this free vector backgrounds has some very intricate paisley and floral shapes with a light beige color that does not call for much attention. It’s just perfect to be used as a background in a greeting or an invitation. It may also suit advertisements designed to influence the fairer sex.

The best part about this background is that it tiles seamlessly.

Crystallized Abstract Vector

crystallized abstract vector


Download source

This abstract artwork can be used to give your artwork a real edgy feel. The random crystal shapes in soft colors make this background visually interesting.

You can either have the main message or artwork placed in the center, or blow up the vector and include it partly to make space for other elements.

Shiny Mosaic Backgrounds



Download source

Here’s a set of 5 really exciting backgrounds. This background is ideal for events and party posters or invitations. Though these ones do not tile seamlessly, they can be scaled appropriately to fit the design.

With backgrounds like these, adding only a bit of text will suffice as the background itself is striking enough to draw attention.

Empty Shelf Backgrounds

Empty shelf background


Download source

This one’s from all-free-downloads, a favorite among graphic designers who seek free vectors and images. The shelf backgrounds come in four separate EPS files and can be used to display products or services that you would like to focus on.

Since these are vectors you can open it in a vector application like Illustrator and delete sections of it if required. For instance with the wooden one, you can do away with the shelves and can use the background for your artwork.

Colorful Blots

Colorful Blots


Download source

These colorful blots will certainly add a dash of vigor to your artwork. These vibrant blots can be used in your design to make it seem livelier. Since these are vectors, they can be opened and modified in a vector application to match your design. So you can select few blots and scale it to use as a background.

Note: Though these background vectors are available to download for free, please be sure to read the license information before using them in your artwork.

Free Vector Backgrounds Conclusion

So that’s it. Now, if these 5 free vector backgrounds mentioned here don’t meet your design needs, you may visit some websites offering stock vectors like Fotolia, Dreamstime and Photospin. These websites have a massive collection of background vectors and you are sure to find what you’re looking for, at reasonable prices.

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Images © Edyta Pawlowska – Fotolia.com


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