10 Most Used Vector Backgrounds


Vector Backgrounds have always been preferred by designers as they can be easily edited or resizes to fit any size and dimension. Among these Vector Backgrounds, there are some backgrounds that have been liked, downloaded and used by many web and graphic designers.

These most used Vector Backgrounds have one thing in common – they are all versatile and would suit varied artwork such as greetings, posters, webpage backgrounds, banner backgrounds or any other purpose.

You will be amazed to see the number of times these artwork have been viewed and downloaded and I’m sure you might be tempted to download and use them yourselves.

10 most used Vector Backgrounds.

Without further ado, let’s check out the these must have 10 most used vector backgrounds for designers.

1. Spring in Green


iStockphoto has always been a favorite among designers owing to the high quality vectors and images they offer. This Vector Art has more than 3,94,00 views and more than 10,000 downloads. It is one of the most downloaded Vector Backgrounds we have come across.

It has fresh green leaves along curvy and slender stems. There are also a couple of butterflies that make the background seem livelier.

 2. Topography


This topography Vector Background is another awesome Vector offered at iStockphoto which has had more than 42200 views till date and more than 300 downloads till date. This remarkable Vector Background has also made it to ‘Editors Pick’ once.

The artwork has intricate line-work depicting a topographic map against a beige background. Though this Vector Artwork is simple, it may be suit a variety of artwork.

 3. Abstract Background

Abstract Background

This Vector Artwork is an astounding abstract artwork which can be downloaded at iStockphoto.It has been viewed approximately 19000 times with more than 2100 downloads.

This artwork has been created using a cool color scheme with dotted shapes connected by thin lines. This artwork portrays communication, social media or a network of computers in an interesting manner and can be used in internet marketing blogs and websites.

 4. Sun is shining behind the clouds

Sun is shining behind the clouds

Fotolia is another reliable website which offers great Vectors and Images which are rich in quality. This amazing Vector Background would serve as an ideal backdrop for a variety of designs. There is also enough room for content and this background offers different layout possibilities too.

The sparkling lens effect with glow rings and rays shooting through it, certainly would make your artwork look alluring.

 5. Paper white clouds on blue

Paper white clouds on blue.

This paper craft inspired Vector Background is another awesome artwork from Fotolia. A dark blue gradient has paper clouds floating one above the other to give a 3d look to the artwork. The simplicity of this design is what has made this a popular background among designers with 2470 views and more than 700 downloads.

 6. Abstract background

Abstract background Grey

Fotolia offers this abstract design with grey polygons set in perspective to add depth to your artwork. The polygonal shapes vanish in the centre of the artboard creating enough whitespace where the central content may be placed.

This Vector Background has an outstanding 1370 views and 499 downloads which is not at all surprising keeping in mind the various ways it could be used.

 7. Abstract gray waving background

Abstract gray and green waving background

This background is absolutely stunning and has been viewed 1716 times and downloaded 472 times till this date. The gleaming fluid shapes in green and smoky grey, look wonderful against the hive pattern background. You would agree this background deserves more downloads.

8. Vector Old Light Paper

Vector Old Light Paper

This old light paper background is a great Vector Background waiting for you at Dreamstime, a great place to find unique Vectors and Images. This paper background can be used in posters, advertisements or any design with a retro theme or ancient gothic design concept. Since this is a Vector, you may resize or modify it to fit the desired resolution or dimension.  319 downloads and 7167 views is not startling as its hard to find such backgrounds in Vector Formats.

 9. World map


You are sure to find world maps masked with photographs to depict concepts like global existence or multinational establishments. Website banners often have these kinds of graphics where Vectors and Rasters are mixed to get unreal effects. This background has 11781 views with 544 downloads.

You can overlay other design elements such as patterns or text and add to the beauty of this simple world map.

 10.Water Wave With Bubbles

Water Wave With Bubbles

Another great Vector Background that is truly refreshing. This background has been seen in many product advertisements related to purity and health. If you ever want your artwork to reflect transparency, a new beginning, life or existence, this is the background you should use. With 271 downloads and 6368 views this is one background which should be in every designers repository.

With this we come to an end of this incredible list of 10 most used Vector Backgrounds. You may visit these trustworthy websites to download these Vectors or just search for other favorites. Enjoy!

Images © Piotr Marcinski – Fotolia.com

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