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Logos are one of the most important elements of your company, business or practice. It's what defines the image your company has in your clients eyes. It's your ambassador to the public! Getting a logo that reflects your business is extremely important to get right as it has a huge impact on the way the public views you and your products and services. But what if you can't afford a logo because you're just starting out? Well, we bring you LogosGalaxy, an awesome source of free logos just for you!

Finding good pre-made logo's used to be a long and arduous task, leaving you pulling out your hair and suffering anxiety attacks, but not anymore. LogosGalaxy is here to provide YOU with an awesome collection of free logos that are ready to download in vector format, to customize and use as your new brand image. Completely free of charge!

Discover the LogosGalaxy collection of free logos right here!

LogosGalaxy – Free Vector Logos That Are Out Of This World

Perfect for small business, startups, NGO's and Charitable organizations and any other budget conscious businesses and designers, LogosGalaxy is the perfect solution for all those needing a logo to define their public image, but whom cannot spend money in getting one. Here's a quick roundup of what it offers:

  •  69 professionally designed logos
  • All completely free!
  • All fully editable in AI and EPS format compatible with Adobe Illustrator and its great alternatives – PNG version included as well
  • Standard License covering usage in logo designs
  • User Friendly system: search, download, use. It's that simple!
  • Backed by industry professionals

Check out some of the awesome, most popular logos below!


LogosGalaxy offers over 60 professionally designed vector logos, fully customizable and editable to suit your companies needs, entirely for free! With different styles and covering lots of popular themes, each of these amazing logos was professionally design and they are all arranged by categories.

When you download a logo from LogosGalaxy, you receive a .zip that contains the logo in .AI, .EPS and in .PNG formats! The first two being vector formats, giving you the ease and flexibility you need when it comes to editing one or more elements in the graphic, without losing any of its premium quality! Check here how to work with EPS files!

Every logo in this collection is covered by LogosGalaxy Standard License, which includes the use of the graphics in logo designs, both personally and commercially,  completely free of charge.

Another great benefit is the website has been designed to be easy and quick to use for customers. It includes a gallery of popular logos, a search tool to find designs based on keywords, and access to the full license agreement and each logo comes with an easy to see, easy to use download button that gives you your package in one click!

Awesome, right? Check out LogosGalaxy's most popular logos and choose yours!

Why are We Doing This

LogosGalaxy is part of the Stock Photo Press offer in stock media resources, backed by the industry experts that brought you VectorGuru, VectorFresh, VectoRain and VectorJunky, among others.

Amos Struck, CEO and leader of Stock Photo Press, is a firm believer in giving back to those who give to you. Having worked closely with the creatives community for over a decade, building awesome free resources for designers has been one of his high priority goals since a while. And it's great to finally see it coming to life!

Amos knew of many customers and creatives needing logos for their companies or businesses but working on a budget that wouldn't allow for a custom made one. Charitable organizations or NGOs that cannot commit money to this kind of purpose, startups with limited capital, new small businesses bootstrapping their way into the market, beginner professionals trying to build their brand… lots of people whom could really benefit from having a professional logo but whom simply could not afford one at the time.

He was also aware that many designers could have still used the income from making small alters on already created graphics for logos, but they could not take up on such projects due to the legal restrictions to use stock vectors or other stock graphics as part of a logo.

With this issues in mind, he created LogosGalaxy to provide a great free vector logo collection that allows everyone to have their logo at no cost! With a website that is user friendly, a clear usage license and an awesome selection of free logos, LogosGalaxy is all it was meant to be and more!

Using Free Logos is Possible with LogosGalaxy!

You may have heard that you cannot use stock vectors, nor any other kind of stock media in your logo. And this is true in most cases, because majority of suppliers forbid this use. But not LogosGalaxy!

Our Standard License specifically covers the usage of any of our graphics as your logo or part of your logo. It also allows for full customization of the graphics, which means you can always edit the logo to look unique and to accurately represent your company or business.

And it's totally free!

How to Use Free Logos from LogosGalaxy

Getting a free logo from LogosGalaxy is deadly simple, all you have to do is search the collection and find the one that better fits your needs. The logos are organized by categories, and they include useful tags with suggestions for possible uses. You have a simple search bar that lets you run keywords searches easily. Once you find it, you click the download button and that's it, the logo is yours to use for free!

All LogosGalaxy logos are fully customisable, and they come in two different vector formats that simplify editing using your favourite editing software. Like this you can include your company name, your slogan, and alter or modify the design elements as much as you like. In the end, you will have a unique logo that could easily pass for having being custom designed for you!

All these logos are free to download and use. If you have enough editing skills, you can customize it yourself and get your professionally designed logo at no cost at all. Even if you can't really perform the customization, hiring a graphic designer to make edits on an existing file will be much more affordable that commissioning a logo from scratch from them.

Either way, you are certain to find a logo that meets your needs, and to customize it to represent your brand accurately. All for free!

Ready to discover your new logo? Check out LogosGalaxy right now!

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